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May 22 letters to the editor: on Reiger and violence

| May 22, 2024 12:00 AM

Regier for Senate District 5

Speaker Matthew Regier is running for Senate District 5. He has my vote and unwavering support, and I ask that you consider voting for Regier. His consistent conservative leadership and excellent voting record over his eight years in the House of Representatives define him as an excellent leader, and he is the only experienced candidate in this race. Matt is ranked in the top three conservative candidates by "Legistats", a conservative Montana-based group that reviews the votes of Montana State Legislators. He is always approachable, willing to listen, and provides valuable insight regarding local and state issues.

—Randy Brodehl, County Commissioner and former Montana Legislator, Kalispell 

Just fly violence away

If you listen to Tim Sheehy and Matt Regier you would think the sky is falling; illegals are flooding our valley and bringing violence. 

Now they hope you do not have a memory because it was their party at the national level that killed a border security bill...

This is all great theater to get you to forget your sky rocketing housing costs, largest property tax increase in Montana history, the largest utility rate increase in Montana history, collapsing public schools.. and I could go on. There is not a single example of state government, not even the highway patrol, that has not been demoralized and degraded under this governor.

So let's have a special session to get rid of the people who do most of the farm labor in this country, and who will do work that no one else wants to do! 

Oh yes and fear. Let's make the valley safer! Our pre-covid homicide rate in the Flathead has more than doubled. Who is killing our fellow valley residents and making this a terrifying place to live? It’s not illegal immigrants. It is drunk drivers and gun violence. 

I know what we need a special session for. Matt Regier and the Governor could give special authority to the local police to fly drunk drivers and angry white men with guns to Nicaragua, Columbia, Guatemala and Southern Mexico. We would see highway fatality rates go down and domestic abuse and homicide rates go down. And leave the rest of us and a few hard working immigrants the chance to get on with their lives.

— Steve Martinez, Kalispell