Thursday, May 23, 2024

Police Calls: Spiteful parker rips off wiper blade

| May 15, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

April 26

  • A brand new water heater was reported stolen off a construction site on Labrie Drive.

  • It seemed some items stored in boxes in an attic on Central Avenue had been rummaged through and possibly burgled.

  • The caller didn’t want the man who had stolen things from the location on Highway 93 and loaded them into his car to be charged for theft, but did want him trespassed.

  • A female shoplifter left a location on Highway 93 on a motorcycle.

April 27

  • A caller said she saw water leaking from under the sidewalk. She was concerned it might damage, so she called the Whitefish Water Department.

  • Public Works was called again due to flooding on the driveway. Water was not yet on the roadway and was not a hazard, but the caller was concerned about the city wasting water.

  • A dark-colored, beat-up early 2000s VW Beetle caused a motorcycle to swerve to avoid a head-on collision on Edgewood Drive. The motorcycle ended up in the ditch.

  • A woman returned to her car on Central Avenue to find someone had ripped her windshield wiper off. She thinks it was because they were mad that she got the parking spot but the cause is unknown. Law enforcement is following up with the nearby bakery to see if they have video footage of the incident.

  • Guests of an establishment on Third Street who were part of a hockey team, were smoking in their room and would not answer the door for the management. The management would like them removed.

April 29

  • A female said her foot slipped off the break and hit the gas, causing her to hit the fence on Seventh Street. 

  • A GMC Yukon and a Tesla got into an accident on 13th Street. No one was injured.

  • An out-of-town homeowner requested extra patrol of his vacant home on Somers Avenue after an agent came by and reported that the door appeared to have been damaged by an attempted break-in.

  • A male in his mid-50s from out of town admitted to taking pictures of women in an establishment on Wisconsin Avenue. The caller confronted the man and got him to delete the pictures.

April 30

  • The driver of a Chrysler Pacifica struck a Chevrolet Cruze on 13th Street. No one was injured and both parties had insurance and valid driver's licenses.

  • A lot of nonstop yelling was heard for 30 minutes on Skyles Place.

  • A blue car with all four doors and the trunk open that was parked on Bear Paw Court was reported as suspicious. The driver said he was trying to fix his vehicle from a recent motor vehicle accident with a deer. 

  • It was thought the driver of a small orange vehicle on Wisconsin Avenue had been drinking all day.

  • Three of six railroad cars that were throwing sparks were confirmed to be rail grinders.

May 1

  • The caller reported a firearm was stolen from a vehicle on Wisconsin Avenue.

  • The driver of a gray Audi SUV who was driving recklessly on Commerce Street, passing unsafely and tailgating was counseled.

  • Someone locked his keys inside his vehicle.

  • Drivers of a 1990s white Toyota and a black Jeep were counseled on their behavior after they were found doing burnouts on Granite Springs Trail. They were also driving crazy in the area, speeding back and forth and driving across the grass.