Thursday, May 23, 2024

Police Calls: Concrete blocks and dirt block roadways

| May 1, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

April 10

  • A GMC rear ended a black VW and continued to drive away down Highway 93. 

  • There were no injuries when a white truck hit the caller’s black Tacoma on Central Avenue and left.

  • A resident of Baker Avenue said the noise from a dump truck unloading concrete blocks at her neighbor’s house was so loud, it “shook her house” and she would like the neighbors to be counseled.

  • A parked vehicle was blocking a fire hydrant on First Street.

April 11

  • About a bucket load of dirt was blocking the westbound lane on east Second Street. A construction company was cleaning up the mess.

  • A blue Subaru was reported for parking in a parking lot where it wasn’t supposed to be.

  • The caller was worried because it appeared someone left a suitcase full of nice clothing on the lawn on Hospital Way.

  • Someone was locked inside the public restroom on First Street.

  • An apparently drunk male stumbled to his vehicle, dropped his keys multiple times and cussed at the caller before getting into his vehicle and driving southbound on Central Avenue.

April 12

  • A female who had a tent pitched in town was advised of the city ordinances.

  • Although he is parking legally, the man’s neighbor keeps leaving notes on his car saying he will have it towed. The owner of the properly parked vehicle was told to document any further issues.

  • A landlord from out of town asked law enforcement to check on his tenant on Lion Mountain Loop because she heard the tenants have farm animals living inside.

  • The male in a golf cart who left after hitting a woman's gold Dodge came back and sat next to the woman’s vehicle on Highway 93.

  • A white VW was seen driving recklessly and passing dangerously on Wisconsin Avenue.

  • A Chevy and a truck with a trailer had an accident without injuries on Highway 93.

April 14

  • The owner of an off-leash dog was counseled.

  • The driver of a Dodge with Washington plates was seen driving at high speeds and swerving on Highway 40.

  • Someone lost his fake leather wallet that contained cards, ID and about $400 somewhere in Whitefish yesterday

April 15

  • Reckless driving was reported on Highway 93 for the second time in 10 days. The caller said there is an ongoing issue with people running a red light.

  • There was a report of a reckless driver on Park Avenue.

  • A young German short-haired pointer was lost from Clearwater Drive.

  • A female was harassing an employee at a location on Highway 93. 

April 16

  • Someone lost a diamond earring on Spokane Avenue.

  • The caller reported a male driver of a small vehicle with California plates for speeding and driving through a stop sign and into oncoming traffic on Highway 93.

April 17

  • A company was detailing a vehicle and found what they believed to be a container of drugs.

  • A man was seen punching himself and the air on Central Avenue. He was also throwing himself into walls.

  • A female driver of a Pacifica van was reportedly weaving in and out of the lanes on Spokane Avenue and almost hit someone.

  • There was a noise complaint due to a male with a Mazda who revs his engine at all hours on Blackberry Loop.

  • Someone found two dogs running around in the road. The same person also found the owner of the dogs.