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Legals for May, 1 2024

| May 1, 2024 12:00 AM

NO. 2753 CITY OF WHITEFISH NOTICE OF PRESENTING TO THE VOTERS  A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE CITY CHARTER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at its regular meeting to be held May 6, 2024, at 7:10 p.m., in the Whitefish City Council Chambers at 418 East Second Street, the Whitefish City Council will consider an ordinance presenting to the voters of the City of Whitefish a proposal to amend Article II, Section 2.01(4) of the Whitefish City Charter to allow members of the City Council to receive compensation, such as a salary, stipend, health insurance, per diem, and mileage allowance, all as set by resolution after a public hearing.  Any individual may appear at the public meeting and be heard for or against this amendment. Written comments for or against this amendment may be submitted to the Whitefish City Clerk, P.O. Box 158, 418 East Second Street, Whitefish, Montana 59937, or by email at by 4:00 p.m. May 6, 2024. For further information contact City Attorney Jacobs at  April 17 and May 1, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 2754 AUDIT PUBLICATION STATEMENT An audit of the City of Whitefish has been conducted by Denning, Downey & Associates, CPA’s, P.C. The audit covered the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023. Section 2-7-521, MCA, requires the publication of the following summary of significant findings. Summary of Significant findings The audit report for the City of Whitefish for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, were unmodified. The audit report also contained several other auditor’s reports. Following is a list of the reports and a summary of the findings included in each. This is only a summary and is not intended to be used as an audit report. 1. Report on Compliance and on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Based on an Audit of Financial Statements Performed in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards. This report contained findings in the following matters:   This report contained no findings. 2. Report on Compliance with Requirements Applicable to Each Major Program and Internal Control Over Compliance in Accordance With OMB Circular A-133. This report contained findings in the following matter: 3. This report contained no findings. 4. Report on Other Compliance, Financial and Internal Accounting Control Matters.   This report contained no findings. 5. Report on Audit Report Recommendations. This report summarized the findings from the prior audit report, and noted the action taken on them. a) 2022-001 Payroll Clearing Fund (Implemented) b) 2022-002 Budget Authority (Implemented) c) Public Inspection of Audit Report The complete audit report is on file in its entirety and open to public inspection at the City Hall. Very Truly Yours, Dana Smith, City Manager City of Whitefish May 1, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 2755 WHITEFISH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BOARD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING    At a meeting of the Whitefish Community Development Board on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 6:00 PM, the Board will hold a public hearing on the item listed below. The Board meets in the Whitefish Council Chambers at City Hall, at 418 E. 2nd Street Whitefish, Montana. The Board recommendation will be forwarded onto the Whitefish City Council for subsequent public hearing for item 1 on June 3, 2024 and items 2-3 on June 17, 2024. City Council meetings start at 7:10 PM and will also be held at City Hall.    1. A request by Whitefish Facility LLC for a Planned Unit Development to expand the existing assisted living building with 80 independent living units and develop a multi-family building with 44-units. The request includes an amendment to Ordinance 99-9 to increase the number of total units from 150 to 202 and increase the building up to 45-feet and reduce the number bicycle parking spaces from 31 to twelve (12). In exchange for the zoning deviations, the applicant is proposing to extend a 10-foot shared use path along its entire frontage connecting to the trail at the north and east ends. The property is currently undeveloped and is zoned WR-4/WPUD (High Density Multi-Family Residential District with a Planned Unit Development overlay). The property is located at 1501 River Lakes Parkway and can be legally described as Lot 2, Riverside Senior Living Center subdivision in S07 T30N R21W, P.M.M., Flathead County. Compton-Ring (WPUD 24-01) 2. A request by Bill McKinney on behalf of the State of Montana Department of Transportation for a conditional use permit to expand the Whitefish airport with an airplane hangar. The property is located at 1761 E 2nd Street and can be legally described as S32, T31N, R21W, TR 3EAB IN SE4NE4, P.M.M., Flathead County. Loring (WCUP 24-05) 3. A request by the City of Whitefish to amend City Code Section 11-3-29-C-5, Water Quality Protection, Allowed Activities in Buffers, to remove references to foundation requirements and use and to increase the size of allowed detached unoccupied accessory structures from 100 sq ft to 120 sq ft. Taylor (WZTA 24-01) The Community Development Board will also be holding a work session at 5:00 PM before the regular meeting to discuss the Economic Development Element of the Growth Policy update. Documents pertaining to these agenda items are available for review at the Whitefish Planning & Building Department, 418 E Second Street, during regular business hours. The full application packets along with public comments and staff report will be available on the City’s webpage: under Community Development Board one week prior to the Board public hearing date noted above. Inquiries are welcomed. Interested parties are invited to attend the meeting and make known their views and concerns. Comments in writing may be forwarded to the Whitefish Planning & Building Department at the above address prior to the hearing or via email: For questions or further information regarding these proposals, phone 406-863-2410.     WHITEFISH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BOARD Steve Qunell, Chair May 1, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________