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Police Calls: Tesla causing ruckus

| March 27, 2024 12:00 AM

March 15 

A Honda and a Toyota experienced a non-injury accident on Baker Avenue.

It seemed construction workers had stopped parking on the sidewalks on Dakota Avenue.

After being asked not to drive, the driver, who had been drinking, drove away at a high rate of speed down Big Mountain Road.

Someone reported hearing gunshots near the north end of Texas Avenue.

The caller said possibly drunk people were outside yelling on Skyles Place and being loud. 

March 16

After reporting his cat missing, the caller said he had located his cat and all’s well.

A Ford truck with a topper and a flat tire had been parked in a parking lot on Highway 93 was gone. It is unclear whether the vehicle had been stolen or towed.

Another Honda versus Toyota accident occurred, this time on Second Street. No one was hurt.

A black Tesla with tinted windows was reportedly coming and going from a property on Blackberry Loop and was playing loud music.

Five drunk males in a room on Third Street were causing multiple complaints because they would not stop being loud. The caller had asked them to be quiet but they would not. 

March 17

Someone reported seeing a person trying to pick locks of apartments on Iowa Avenue.

A sewage smell lasting days was reported on on Baker Avenue.

A male was cited for open container.

A caller reported a newer Chevy GMC, with a possibly drunk driver, swerving all over the road on Second Street.

March 18

A citizen requested to speak to an officer about a bartender who, he claims, is making statements about him that aren’t true. He was also told the bar had video surveillance of him acting badly but he stated he never did that.

A vehicle on Jasper Loop was reportedly in violation of HOA rules and the caller was looking to get it towed.

There was a train blocking the crossing at Dodger Lane because there was a boulder on the tracks. Crews were working on removing the boulder and were going to try to push the train back off the crossing.

Someone on 11th Avenue called about the neighbors’ dog barking continually. The pup was taken inside.