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Police Calls: Woman being nosy around vehicle, garage

| March 20, 2024 12:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

March 10

The caller wanted to report that a shorter, portly lady was on his property earlier and appeared to be casing the place. She reportedly checked inside the truck and looked in the windows of the garage on Waverly Place.

There was a large house party on Dakota Avenue that featured loud music and people smoking and drinking outside the residence. Some of the tenants were cited for disturbing the peace and were counseled.

March 12

When the caller left his vehicle unlocked, some change was stolen from it.

Reportedly, vehicles on Vonita Circle had been gone through at night two times in the last week. 

The caller said no one is going the speed limit on Baker Avenue and he would like some “patrol people” out there to slow them down.

There was an issue with the door to the male bathroom on First Street but it appears to have been resolved.

March 13

In an apparent theft caught on video on Swift Creek Lane, a female in a green jacket took a package off a front porch and drove off in a gray Lexus.

The caller saw a car hit another car, then drive away. The driver of the vehicle that was hit, an older blue Chevy, chased the suspect in his vehicle, a red Honda, out of the parking lot on Highway 93.

A non-aggressive, black and white dog with a green collar was running around on Lamb Lane and people didn’t want to let their kids go outside and get attacked.

A black Toyota in an alley behind Spokane Avenue was warned for no lights.

March 14

Tools were reported as taken from a job site on Labrie Drive.

A vehicle on Texas Avenue was given a warning for obstructing traffic because the driver stopped in traffic to take pictures of the Big Mountain.

Someone flagged down the police to discuss  vehicles parking on private property on Mill Avenue. The person was advised that police cannot enforce parking on private property but could attempt to contact the vehicle’s owner. The offer of help was refused.

A driver was given a warning for using the shoulder on Edgewood Place as a turn lane.

The caller thought the driver of a dark colored SUV was drunk and saw him leave the bar, stop at a red light, then proceed through the light before parking at a location on Highway 93.