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Police Calls: Leave the lid down, don’t steal it

| March 13, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Feb. 26

  • A friendly, red and white beagle took itself for a sniff-about, then returned home.

  • An older black Labrador was running free with a leash on. The dog was collected and taken to the police station and attempts were made to contact the owner.

Feb. 27

  • Police helped a motorist who locked his keys in his running truck.

  • The caller, an employee of a location on Central Avenue, didn't want to press charges but did want to report that a man just stole the top of a toilet lid. When the caller tried to stop the alleged thief, the alleged thief threatened to hit the caller with the toilet lid.

  • A motorist called to say he nearly hit a vehicle when it cut him off on Highway 93 because the LED lights on the back of the truck made him unable to see. 

Feb. 28

  • A silver Dodge and a silver Ford had an accident on Fifth Street. There were no injuries.

  • Two good samaritans were attempting to get a vehicle out of the ditch by Second Street. A newer Suburban had slid off the road.

  • Someone entered a location on Wisconsin Avenue and said he had two broken arms. The caller couldn't tell if the man was injured or not.

  • Traffic was starting to back up as cars tried to get around a green Subaru that was broken down in the street on Baker Avenue.

  • The caller thought there was a man creeping around her property.

Feb. 29

  • A vehicle that was partially blocking an exit from a location on Highway 40 was cleared and the driver cited. The driver, who may have been drinking earlier, appeared to be sleeping in the vehicle with its engine running.

  • A motorist called to report a car that ran a red light last night, almost hitting him.

  • A female with a history of DUI was reportedly out driving drunk.

  • Between 6-8 p.m., at least three deer were injured by vehicles and needed to be dispatched by police.

  • A couple men were counseled on park hours and marijuana laws. While a marijuana odor was present,  the driver did not appear under the influence.

  • Apparently, a piece of equipment on Second Street that was not shut off properly was emitting an alarm.

March 1

  • A driver on Park Knoll Lane was cited for DUI and warned for careless driving and for using a cell phone while driving.

  • On Colorado Avenue, it sounded like there was a party with loud music and people outside being loud.

  • There was a disturbance on Skyles Place involving one female and two males who were yelling.

March 2

  • A light pole was completely knocked down and the exposed wires were out of the roadway. DOT was aware and their plow is responsible for hitting the pole. They were working to remove the hazard. The reporting party said “it felt pretty big” when she ran over the pole.

  • The caller requested assistance getting someone out of a location on Highway 93. The person was told multiple times to get out but they would not leave.

  • A blue Subaru was seen fluctuating speeds and swerving on Central Avenue. The driver was addressed and said he would be taking it more slowly.

March 3

  • A truck slid off the road on Park Avenue. The road was described as incredibly slick while the tow trucks attempted to move the vehicle.

  • Someone found and turned in a wallet.

  • An alarm was sounding at a home on Waverly Place but nothing appeared to be suspicious.

  • Three teens were reportedly throwing rocks at cars on Columbia Avenue. The caller reported having chips in his windshield after but wasn’t sure if they were new or old chips. The youths were seen flipping people off before running into the woods.

  • A report of road rage on the viaduct involved one driver exiting his vehicle to yell at the driver behind him. That driver, in turn, exited his vehicle and began yelling back. Police made contact with both parties and counseled both on their behavior.