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Law Roundup: Caller questions parking job

| March 6, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Feb. 20

  • There was some question as to whether a large truck with a trailer and other vehicles in the alley behind a location on Spokane Avenue were parked illegally.

  • Either a deer or a dog was hit on Highway 93 and motorists continued to drive over the body. The caller asked law enforcement to move it out of the highway and confirm what kind of animal it was.

  • A caller reported receiving a phone call about missing jury duty but was advised it was a scam that was going around.

  • A disorderly woman at a location on Highway 93 was threatening the caller, standing behind her car and videotaping her.

  • A heavily intoxicated man was hit during a fight outside a location on Central Avenue. The hitter left the area.

  • An apparently intoxicated male with a bad foot was on Central Avenue. While slurring his words, he asked for an ambulance to take him to Kalispell.

  • A noise complaint was filed when people in a newer white 4-Runner were honking the car horn and screaming at 5 a.m. on Skyles Place.

Feb. 21

  • A brown collie mix was out and unable to be caught on Armory Road.

  • Someone accidentally dialed 911 when they were trying to turn off their phone.

  • A female refused to leave a business on Highway 93 after being asked multiple times to leave. When the caller mentioned calling the cops, she took off running.

  • Since the man’s truck was having brake problems, he was allowed to leave his vehicle parked at the location for the night.

Feb. 22

  • A big group of seventh grade boys and girls were seen fighting. After “going at it for a few minutes,” they separated.

Feb. 23

  • The caller’s neighbor reportedly parked so close to the caller’s car on Spokane Avenue that the caller could not get in his vehicle. He tried knocking but the neighbor won’t answer.

  • The witness of a hit and run on Baker Avenue has photos and video of the accident.

  • The driver of a white Ford Taurus was seen driving into oncoming traffic on Big Mountain Road.

  • A caller said he was trying to get to work but could not get past vehicles that were parked in the road blocking the entrance of the parking lot on Depot Street. The owner of the offending vehicle was contacted and warned about his manner of parking.

  • A man tried to open the caller’s car door then ran when the caller yelled at him. He was seen looking into other vehicles on Central Avenue.

  • A man has grown suspicious of his neighbor because he leaves outside lights on all the time and has the curtains drawn. The caller is concerned the neighbor may be operating a meth lab and asked law enforcement to run his plates. The police advised the man they would not be doing that and perhaps the neighbor is simply a private person.

Feb. 24

  • Someone found a large bag of needles.

  • A tool box fell off a truck causing a temporary traffic hazard on Highway 40.

  • A toddler grandson was playing with the phone and accidentally dialed 911.

  • A motorist on Highway 93 thought he may have been following a drunk driver because they almost stop when oncoming traffic passes them.

Feb. 25

  • After accidentally dialing 911 the woman on the phone said her phone was being crazy, then hung up.

  • The caller saw a female driving recklessly when leaving Whitefish on Spokane Avenue.

  • Another accidental caller to  911 said his phone is broken and he pushed the button too many times.

  • Yet another mistaken 911 caller said his phone is broken, it makes weird sounds and then calls.

  • An erratic driver was seen on Baker Avenue.