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Legals for June, 19 2024

| June 19, 2024 12:00 AM

NO. 2761 WHITEFISH FIRE DEPARTMENT  The Whitefish Fire Department is accepting proposals to purchase an immediately available Type 1 Fire Engine for the Whitefish Fire Service Area. We will review all reasonable bids with reasonable exceptions clearly noted, and all bids will be given consideration.  Bids will be opened on Friday, June 28, 2024, at 3pm. MST in the Whitefish Fire Department Conference room. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Whitefish Fire Department, 275 Flathead Ave Whitefish, Montana 59937. Each envelope shall be plainly marked: “Bid - WFSA Type 1 Engine”. Envelopes must also include the bidder’s company name.  The Whitefish Fire Department reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals, to waive technicalities or informalities, and to accept any proposal deemed to be in the best interest of the Whitefish Fire Service Area. Bids shall include:  -detailed specifications for proposed pumper,  -drawings of proposed pumper,  -total cost for proposed pumper,  -the build schedule for proposed pumper.  - Date of deilvery   No bid shall be valid unless signed.  No bid shall be accepted by FAX or e-mail.  ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS AVAILABLE AT If you have any questions, please e-mail DC Haas Executive Director and cc Fire Chief Cole Hadley at  June 12, 19, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________

NO. 2762 CITY OF WHITEFISH, MONTANA  REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS    Proposals due: Friday June 28, 2024  Contact: Karin Hilding, Senior Project Engineer  Phone Number: (406) 863?2450  Email Address:    ANNOUNCEMENT    In accordance with Title 18, Chapter 8 (MCA) and adopted City policy for consultant selection, The City of Whitefish, Montana (City) is seeking proposals from qualified consulting engineering firms to provide engineering services for the Armory Road & E. 6th Street Reconstruction Projects.    PROJECT OVERVIEW    The City of Whitefish is looking for direction on the next Resort Tax roadway reconstruction project. Past practice has been to select projects in geographical order based on priority, and Armory Road has been previously proposed to follow Karrow Avenue, which is currently under construction. However, based on recent conversations with the Resort Tax Monitoring Committee, there is considerable interest in looking at E. 6th Street as well. The City is currently looking for an engineer to assist the City in this determination.    Armory Road is a collector roadway that has seen a considerable increase in traffic with the recent growth the City has experienced. A 2022 traffic study showed an average of 844 weekday vehicular trips and 616 weekend trips on Armory Road. A dangerous curve exists in the middle of the project that poses a serious safety concern. Numerous crashes and near misses have been experienced at this location and the mitigation of these concerns will be a primary focus of the design. The Armory Road Reconstruction Project will involve design and construction of approximately 3,050 ft of Armory Road, from E. 2nd Street to Dodger Lane. The scope of work will include surveying, engineering design, public relations, and construction management services. Improvements may include water distribution, wastewater collection and storm water collection system improvements; coordination of private utilities; possible traffic calming; bicycle/pedestrian improvements, and new streetlights along Armory Road.   E. 6th Street is a primary route to and from the Whitefish High School and Muldown Elementary School. With the recent reconstruction of Muldown, E. 6th Street has seen a considerable increase in traffic, which the roadway is not equipped to safely manage. The block of E. 6th Street between Park Avenue and Pine Avenue has seen the most dramatic changes. This block has become a popular destination for parents to either drop their children off, or park and walk their kids to school. However, this block of E. 6th Street has a reduced right of way that does not allow adequate space to safely combine parking, two-way vehicular traffic, and bicycle/pedestrian use. The situation is compounded during the winter months when snow berms restrict the width of the street and block visibility. The City recently changed this block to one-way to create a safer means for students to get to and from school. The E. 6th Street Reconstruction Project will involve design and construction of approximately 1,780 ft of E. 6th Street, from Spokane Avenue to Pine Avenue. The scope of work will include surveying, engineering design, public relations, and construction management services. Improvements will be focused on safety but may also include utilities along E. 6th Street.    The City’s goal is to award a consultant contract in July 2024. Public outreach will begin immediately for the two projects in the hope of selecting the next Resort Tax Reconstruction Project in early fall in the hopes of proceeding with design as soon as possible. and construction will proceed based on the availability of Resort Tax funds.     REQUIRED SERVICES    The work to be performed by consultant shall include, but not be limited to, the following services:    • Work closely with city staff as requested to confirm criteria for the project. Discussion and presentation of the project to the City Council may be required.  • Produce a detailed topographical survey for the project depicting important features, lot corners, utilities, etc.  • Conduct (or subcontract) soil investigations as necessary to determine soil type, condition, and suitability.  • Prepare preliminary design drawings for discussion including a site plan and cross sections sufficient to depict the project.  • Prepare preliminary estimates of construction costs for the project.  • Upon approval of the final design, the selected form shall produce a complete set of construction documents including, but not necessarily limited to, construction grade drawings, written specifications, and final cost estimates.  • Administration of the public bidding process.  • Provide construction administration services necessary to confirm that the project complies with the plans and specification of the bid.  • Provide the City with electronic copies of documents generated during the design and construction of the project along with an as built survey of the completed project.    FORMAT AND CONTENT OF SUBMITTAL    Five (5) hard copies along with an electronic copy of the firm’s proposal shall be submitted to the Whitefish Public Works Department, 418 E 2nd Street, PO Box 158, Whitefish, MT 59937, no later than 6/28/2024. Faxed or emailed proposals will not be considered.    To be responsive, all proposals must follow the format and contain information listed in this section. Unnecessarily elaborate brochures and other presentations beyond those sufficient to present a complete and effective response to the solution are not desired.    1. Cover Letter – Provide a letter of transmittal introducing your firm.  2. Overview – Provide an abstract of your firm’s submittal summarizing the nature of the proposal and demonstrating your understanding of the project.  3. Key Personnel – Include brief resumes of the staff who will be assigned to the project. Discuss experience and how experience will be applied to this project.  4. Experience – Provide details of up to three (3) prior projects your firm has completed which relate to this assignment.  5. References – Provide names and telephone number of three (3) references who will attest to your firm’s ability to undertake and complete projects like this on time and on budget.    EVALUATION, SELECTION PROCESS AND CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS    Proposals will be ranked by a Selection Committee and the three highest ranked engineering firms will be invited to present their proposal to the committee. Contract negotiations will begin with the highest ranked firm as soon as possible following the interviews. If the City determines acceptable terms cannot be reached, the City will terminate negotiations and continue with the next highest ranked firm. The City may choose to expand an engineering contract resulting from this selection process to include similar or related work.    Each proposal will be ranked according to the following criteria:    30% - Overall quality of the proposal including clarity of the submittal, project understanding, and responsiveness to the Request for Proposal  30% - Qualification of the personnel who would be assigned to the project and the project team’s experience, as a group, with design and construction oversight of municipal Public Works Projects.  20% - Prior experience with similar projects  10% - The firm’s past work for the City of Whitefish  10% - Office location for personnel who would be assigned to the project    Questions may be referred to Karin Hilding – Senior Project Manager, by telephone at (406) 863-2450, or by email at    ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS    • The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.  • City reserves the right to request for clarification of information submitted and to request additional information from the firm(s).  • If a contract and fee cannot be successfully negotiated with the selected firm, the City may choose to enter into negotiations with another prospective firm, or it may readvertise for new proposals.  • The successful consultant shall provide and maintain professional liability, workers compensations, property damage, error and omissions, and any additional lines of coverage required by the City.  June 12, 19, 2024 MNAXLP __________________________