Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Police Calls: Lingering mail truck cause for concern

| June 5, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

May 13

  • The owner of the vehicle that was parked on a yellow curb but not blocking the roadway on Spokane Avenue was working to have the car moved shortly.

  • Someone felt it was suspicious that a man was parked on the side of the road on Grouse Ridge Drive. The caller didn’t know why he was there.

  • A driver failed to yield to pedestrian traffic on Spokane Avenue.

  • The caller requested law enforcement to check out a neatly organized transient camp after finding a cat there in a crate with food and water.

  • Someone locked his keys in his vehicle and required assistance.

  • Two juvenile females were reportedly on the roof of the restrooms.

  • The driver of a black Jeep was swerving and almost went off the road after the caller had tried to tell them to sober up and that they shouldn’t be driving.

May 14

  • After a blue Subaru lost a tire, it was blocking part of the roadway on Oregon Avenue but the driver had a tow truck coming.

  • Two dogs on Second Street apparently dug under the fence, got out, lunged at and bit at the feet of a young cyclist riding by. The owner of the dogs said she would make sure the dogs are indoors when the family is not home and understood she would likely get a citation should her dogs get out and nip at people again.

May 17

  • A VW Jetta with New Hampshire license plates was illegally parked in a permit parking area for an hour.

  • There has been a vehicle parked behind the caller’s house on Lupfer for nearly a month.

  • A truck with no occupants on Highway 93 seemed to be on fire. The cabin filled with smoke and the fire department arrived.

  • A deer was wounded by a vehicle on Wisconsin Avenue.

May 18

  • During the Whitefish Marathon, an extremely agitated, older male spoke to a police officer about racers and bikers on the road. He believed they should be somewhere else, like on a sidewalk.

  • A pink and purple iPhone case was turned in at the police station.

  • Someone was concerned about a mailman who had been sitting for a long time in front of the caller’s house on Portage Way. The mailman usually spends just 20 minutes there but it had been over three hours.