Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Police Calls: R is for reverse, D for drive

| July 3, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

June 9

The caller was walking by the bank on Baker Avenue and heard a loud, high-pitched noise coming from the building.

A man who appeared woozie and had a bleeding head injury was buying alcohol at a location on Highway 93.

A small black bear was getting into trash on Dakota Avenue.

A gray truck was seen driving 80 mph on a 30 mph turn on Edgewood Drive.

The caller said it appeared that the driver intended to go in reverse and put the vehicle in drive and hit a tree on First Street. It also seemed like they were very drunk. After hitting the tree, they left and the vehicle remained parked on the curb.

A person was seen crawling across the street on Central Avenue. Soon after, he was up and OK.

June 10

Two dogs were found on Beaver Lake Road and returned to their owner.

A small white Chihuahua was loose on Icehouse Road who has bitten the caller in the past and there is a reportedly ongoing issue with the pup being loose.

There was concern for the safety of children at play because people were driving through the parking lot fast.

June 11

Someone lost a new brown leather bifold wallet.

The caller said people are driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone on Wild Rose Lane.

Someone pulled a dine and dash at a location on Highway 93.

A man who was yelling and cursing to himself in the bathroom was counseled on his behavior.

Three baby deer were found caught in fences today.

The window of a Jeep was smashed that the contents had been riffled through on Spokane Avenue.

A backpack was found and the owner collected it.

A black and white Yorkie had been missing for a few hours.

Lots of yelling and screaming from a celebration on Nelson Lane prompted a noise complaint.

June 13

The caller requested a wellness check for two drunk males in Depot Park.

There was a bear cub in a backyard on Floral Park Lane

On a hot day, a black dog was heating up in a car parked on First Street and barked for the entire call to police.

A bear cub was running back and forth across the highway near State Park Road.

A bear cub on Wisconsin Avenue tried to get into a church before heading toward the community garden.

Three males who were reportedly walking on the bike path under the viaduct were also yelling obscenities and harassing pedestrians. Police found only one male who was not breaking any laws.

Two people were driving one golf cart on Highway 93.

Two dogs were in a parked car at a business on Highway 93 and the caller wished to break the window but was advised not to do so.

A red Chevy was seen driving aggressively and swerving all over the road on 13th Street.

A disorderly, intoxicated woman at an establishment on Highway 93 was told to go to her room and stay quiet for the rest of her stay or leave. The woman refused to leave the front desk so the business wanted her to be escorted to her room or off the property.