Monday, June 17, 2024

Police Calls: Television calls 911, dog characterized as ‘mean mugging’

Whitefish Pilot | January 31, 2024 12:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Jan. 9

After a minor accident on Wisconsin Avenue, the drivers exchanged information before leaving the scene.

The owner of the Mazda that has been parked on Colorado Avenue in the way of the snow plows was told to move her vehicle or it may be towed.

A huge pile of snow was building up because there were multiple vehicles at a location on First Street, including an 18-wheeler, that have been parked in the same spot for a month.

A red Explorer and a green sedan were reported for reckless driving as they were spinning cookies in a parking lot too close to people and animals.

A Motorola phone was found and brought to the police department.

Someone on Portage Way slid into a parked Mercedes sprinter van and did minimal damage. The caller then left his information in a ziploc bag on the parked vehicle.

About a dozen cars were stickered for parking on Columbia, Somers and Park Avenues, and First, Second and Third Streets between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

A Chevy pickup was seen swerving on Highway 93.

Jan. 10

The caller on Armory Road says his neighbor's dog is continually out and that he comes at the caller, growling and pooping in his yard. The owner of the dog admitted that his dog sometimes gets out. He was advised of the city ordinance.

A young yellow Labrador was found in Whitefish and taken to the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

A two-year-old playing with the phone was the cause of an accidental call to 911.

Jan. 11

A neighbor came over to help when the car horn wouldn’t turn off. 

Two vehicles were reportedly parked right next to the stop signs on Kalispell Avenue.

Someone on Texas Avenue has a neighbor who drives through her yard.

Jan. 20

A request was made of law enforcement to slow traffic from the golf course into town because of many motorists speeding down the hill.

The owner of a gray Ford locked the keys in the vehicle whilst it was running.

An accidental call to 911 was reportedly caused by a character on television saying, “Siri, call 911.”

A black German Shepherd was on the caller’s property for a while before being picked up by the police and brought to a shelter. While the dog was in the caller’s yard, the caller said the dog might not be friendly, as he had been “mean mugging” him through the window.

It was thought that the Ford Ranger that had been parked for at least four days on Third Street may have been leaking fuel slowly.

A white car parked in front of a resident’s driveway on Fir Avenue for a couple hours.

The driver of a Toyota Rav said they had to park in front of the ski shop because there was no parking at the Ice Den and now he cannot find his vehicle and believes it may have been towed.

Two young males ran off with alcohol from a business on Highway 93.

It appeared to the caller that one vehicle was in the snow bank on Armory Road and another vehicle was trying to pull it out, thus blocking traffic.

The caller drove by and reported a vehicle parked in the middle of Highway 40, blocking two lanes of traffic. The vehicle was soon moved.

There was someone covered in snow, lying in the snow bank on the east side of Highway 93.

A business on Baker Avenue was having alarm issues because the water pipe had burst.

Jan. 21

Two full-sized vehicles parked in spots intended for compact cars, thus making it impossible for plows to work around them. 

A pickup truck had been badly parked for about four weeks on the street in front of a residence on Waverly Place.

The caller from Second Street believes someone has been taking her mail and tried to steal her mailbox.

An older male on Baker Avenue was seen shoveling snow into the roadway from his property.

Reportedly, there is an ongoing issue with a blue Subaru speeding and running the stop sign at Dodger Lane.

A vehicle was in the ditch on Dodger Lane.

The driver who tried to back out of her driveway over the snow berm caused by the snow plow, went too fast and slid across the road and into the ditch across the street.