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Police Calls: Hot tub poachers ask forgiveness rather than permission

| January 24, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Jan. 1

At least 20 traffic stops were made between noon and midnight.

Jan. 2

Although police found the dogs at the location in question to be healthy, the caller has concerns.

A male was counseled on his behavior after he was flipping people off, hitting cars and  yelling at people.

The caller said a small gray SUV was driving badly, swerving in the road and that it nearly ran the caller off the road.

Jan. 3

A concerned caller reported an “exorbitant amount of speeding in the area” and said there is a lot of speeding going on between 2:00 and 3:15 near Creekwood Drive.

Jan. 4

A 10-month-old blue heeler, wearing two collars, tags and a leash, followed the caller home. They will bring the pup to the police station.

A young girl accidentally dialed 911 and explained that it was an accident.

In a suspected theft at a location on Highway 93, a man with curly blonde hair brought four items into a fitting room and emerged with only three. The caller believes he was trying to steal a jacket.

A disorderly guest at a location on Spokane Avenue who had been drinking, said he was being overcharged and proceeded to become angry. He was cussing and yelling. He said someone was going to be fired and was upset that, although he called law enforcement twice, they had yet to arrive. 

Jan. 5

A neighbor on WIllow Brook Close witnessed a hit and run and has the vehicle’s info. The driver, reportedly, slid into someone’s fence and took off.

After a driver on 13th Street hit a parked car, the two vehicle owners exchanged phone numbers.

Jan. 6

Skis were reported stolen from a vehicle that was parked at a location on Spokane Avenue.

A suspicious-looking male on Second Street was reported. He was wearing dark clothing, had a backpack, was sitting by the railroad tracks and was taking pictures.

A female shoplifter was detained on Highway 93.

Two juveniles were counseled on their behavior after they allegedly threw something against someone’s house and ran away.

A witness of a hit and run in a parking lot on Highway 93 got the license plate number of the offending vehicle.

There was concern for a dog that was chained up in the back of a truck from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on the Big Mountain Road. 

A motorist flagged down police after getting his vehicle stuck in a snow bank on Third Street.

Jan. 7

A woman caught a Weimaraner dog who was wearing a bright orange winter coat but no collar and brought the pup to the police station.

Someone became concerned with the movement of overhead wires near City Beach because someone on social media said it was very dangerous. The motion was likely caused by the weight of the snow.

The Weimaraner found earlier might be a silver Labrador. In any case, he was returned to his owner.

Someone reported losing a brown wallet downtown last night.

The caller reported seeing several white vans driving recklessly and swerving all over the road on Spencer Hill Drive.

Two females jumped the fence and used a hot tub in a clubhouse on Monterra Avenue without permission, although they had secured permission in the past. 

Jan. 8

A reckless driver on Sixth Street was tailgating, changing lanes erratically and nearly hit the caller.

Plywood was removed from Highway 93.

A Pontiac and a GMC had an accident in a parking lot and no one was injured.

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