Monday, June 17, 2024

Bulldog speech and debate team ready for state

Whitefish Pilot | January 24, 2024 1:00 AM

The Whitefish High School speech and debate team is heading to the state tournament coming off a successful weekend at the Western A Divisional in Stevensville over the weekend.

The Bulldogs took second place to Columbia Falls in overall sweepstakes points, while Stevensville was third.

In memorized public address, Whitefish had an individual champion senior Ella Walker. In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Charlotte Perkins was second and E Ratchye was third. In humorous interpretation, Cole Pickert grabbed second place, and in extemporaneous, David Losee was second.

“Whitefish is excited to head into state with a healthy number of qualifiers and a team motivated by the tough competition of Divisionals,” Bulldog coach Sara Mueller said. “Included in our 25 slots to the state tournament is divisional champion in memorized public address, Ella Walker.

“Through weather adversities which have canceled in-person practices and a tournament and the challenges of semester tests, this team has shown dedication and perseverance beyond what I have seen from past teams.  Although we know we will face strong competition from across the state, we are proud to be one of the teams with high expectations for next weekend,” Mueller added.

The Class A State Tournament is in Columbia Falls on Friday and Saturday.

Western A Divisional results for Whitefish are listed below: 

Policy Debate: 4. Alex Losee and Vana Fortune, 5. Bjorn Bungener and Jake Dunker

Public Forum Debate: 3. Jayce McDonald and Brynn McDonald, 4. Ana Alevizos and Avery McPherson, 5. Shailey Green and Saige Smith

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 2. Charlotte Perkins, 3. E Ratchye

Extemporaneous: 2. David Losee, 6. Avery Sorensen

Impromptu: 4. Iona Sarraille, 5. Astir Pulsifer

Original Oratory: 8. Iona Sarraille, Also Qualifying: Astir Pulsifer

Memorized Public Address: 1. Ella Walker, 6. Unity Loveless

Humorous Interp: 2. Cole Pickert, 6. Kenny Stone, Also Qualifying: Lillian Nelson

Dramatic Interp: 7. Annie Walsh, Also Qualifying: Cole Pickert

Duo Interp: 5. Ella Walker and Meghan Amick, 7. Scarlet Burke and Unity Loveless, Also Qualifying: Kenny Stone and Lillian Nelson

Sweeps: 1. Columbia Falls  2. Whitefish (136), 3. Stevensville