Monday, June 17, 2024

Winter courtesy

| January 17, 2024 1:00 AM

Wait! What's the white stuff that has fallen from the skies recently and has accumulated atop our vehicles parked outside?

We live in a winter wonderland and with that comes seasonal driving responsibilities and courtesies.

A few to wit:

• Reduce your speed on roads and highways that are covered with water, snow and ice. Spraying your highway neighbor's vehicle with muddy slush is not only dangerous but terribly rude. Give yourself some extra time when the weather is less than desirable.

• Remove the snow load from your vehicle's roof, front and rear flat surfaces and windows. A flying snowload launched from your vehicle onto the windshield of the vehicles behind you might cause a terrible accident. Be kind!

• Turn off your vehicle while 'just popping into' the grocery store, the post office, the local business and don't let it idle. Who knows how long that little errand will take and how much exhaust spews from your tailpipe. This is a good idea to follow in the warmer months too, when running your air conditioning.

Thank you for being considerate of others on the road. Please pass these few points on to your guests and visitors that drive in our area.

Skeeter Johnston, Whitefish