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Police Calls: Four men walking, couple won’t leave the hot tub

| February 21, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Feb. 5

  • The male driver of a vehicle that kept driving in and out of the parking lot on Highway 40 seemed “tweaked out” and raised suspicions.

  • A caller contacted police just to let them know she appreciates them.

  • A noise complaint was made about a black SUV on Lakeside Boulevard that was emitting loud music.

  • A dog was heard barking for over an hour and was taken indoors after contact was made with the owner.

Feb. 6

  • A blue vehicle with four flat tires has been parked on Cascade Court for about three months and the caller would like it towed.

Feb. 7

  • The female driver of a Yukon was reported for driving erratically on Baker Avenue. The passenger door was open and she was “driving all over the road.”

  • Someone went through the caller’s vehicle and took spare change.

  • After mistakenly calling 911 twice, the man said he would take the phone out of his pocket.

  • Someone had to go to urgent care after being bitten by a dog.

  • Loud music was reported coming from a location on Colorado Avenue but upon inspection, all was quiet there.

  • A male repeatedly reentered a business on Central Avenue after being removed due to his disorderly conduct and because he was taking drinks off tables.

  • Two people who were asked to leave the hot tub area refused to leave the hot tub on Wisconsin Avenue.

Feb. 8

  • The caller said he parked his vehicle at a location on Highway 93 but now it is gone and he thinks it may have been towed.

Feb. 9

  • The caller said he has called thousands of times about the speeding in the area between downtown and the golf course. He would like it to be controlled.

  • Two vehicles had an accident on Baker Avenue. The parties exchanged information.

  • Someone was scammed out of their social security number.

Feb. 10

  • A gold Suburban has been taking up two spots in front of the caller’s house on Labrie Drive for three weeks.

  • A brown leather wallet was reported as lost on Second Street.

  • Four males were walking back and forth on Texas Avenue. They were not doing anything outright suspicious, but they were making the caller nervous. Eventually, they moved away.

  • A dog was barking somewhere on O’Brien Avenue.

Feb. 11

  • A red mountain bike was reported as stolen from Somers Avenue.

  • Three vehicles, one on Armory road and two on Wisconsin Avenue were given warnings for excessive speed.

  • Two males on Central Avenue were wearing plaid shirts, fighting and throwing snowballs at vehicles driving past.

  • A female who had been drinking was physically and verbally abusive and the caller wanted her to be moved along for the night.

  • There were vehicles driving through the neighborhood doing donuts and running stop signs on Creekwood Drive.

Feb. 12

  • A dark colored SUV was seen about 10 feet down an embankment on Big Mountain Road.

  • A vehicle hit a light pole on Eighth Street then became stuck in the snow.

  • A male was reportedly drinking a can of beer while driving a light blue 4X4 on Central Avenue and nearly hit the caller.

  • A gray Chevy was seen driving recklessly near the viaduct.

  • The caller’s dog ran off with the neighbor’s dog. The blue heeler had a collar and the yellow Labrador did not.