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Police Calls: Poor parking, hit and run accidents abound

| February 14, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Jan 29

  • The caller was in his Mercedes SUV, stuck in the car wash on Highway 93. He was able to open the back door and exit the vehicle.

  • A boxy, blue Ford truck was reported for being parked badly on Waverly Place, making it difficult for the caller to get through.

  • The neighbors on Colorado Avenue were having a very loud party and after being counseled on the city ordinance, said they would keep it down.

Jan. 30

  • The driver of a blue Chevy was reported for racing through the parking lot on Highway 40 and doing burnouts.

  • The protesters on Spokane Avenue were almost blocking the road. When the caller asked them to move the two big trucks they had parked on Eighth Street, they became “unruly.” 

  • Five kids were seen on the ice with no parents around and the caller was yelling at them to get off the ice because he believed the ice was safe.

  • The white pitbull mix that was running in the Trailview Way area was reunited with his family.

  • A semi was parked on the sidewalk.

  • A white Ford Escort hit the caller’s parked Chevy truck at a business on Highway 93, the driver of the Ford, who was intoxicated, said he wasn’t sticking around. The caller found no damage on his truck but was more concerned about the suspect driving drunk.

  • A female passenger locked herself in the bathroom in a coach car, and the caller, a train conductor, requested help removing her from the train.

  • A beanie-wearing female was counseled on her behavior after she was flagging cars down in the middle of the intersection on Baker Avenue and trying to get into people’s vehicles.

Feb. 1

  • A reckless driver on Wisconsin Avenue was seen passing in an intersection and driving into oncoming traffic.

  • The caller heard three rifle shots with small delays between each shot.

  • In a report of criminal mischief, a couple young teens were seen throwing a chair from the top of the garage multiple times. 

Feb. 2

  • Someone backed into the caller’s truck on Colorado Avenue, then left.

  • The caller said a driver pulled into the parking lot on Baker Avenue and scraped against the caller’s car. The offending driver then yelled at the caller before leaving.

  • Another hit and run occurred in the parking lot of a business on Highway 93 when the caller’s vehicle suffered a scraped tail end.

  • A downhill bicycle with red shocks and teal handle grips was reported stolen from Kalispell Avenue.

  • The bouncer at a location on Central Avenue called because a female without ID was revising to leave and she was trying to start a fight. She was removed from the establishment and friends helped into an Uber.

Feb. 3

  • Several vehicles that were illegally parked on Central Avenue were moved.

  • The man responsible for an accidental call to 911 said his phone was pinched when he bent over.

  • Three females and two males were involved in a fight outside an establishment on Highway 93.