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Police Calls: Possible drunk drivers and neighbor watching through windows

| February 7, 2024 12:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Jan. 23

The construction crew cleared the road after wood slid off a trailer and blocked Bay Point Drive.

Someone found a Makita skill saw.

A bus reportedly hit a Ford Mustang on Fourth Street.

Jan. 24

The out-of-town owner of a home on Lion Mountain Loop Road asked law enforcement to check on his house because he saw someone at the house on the ring cam. 

A small, gray hatchback was parked too close to an intersection on Kalispell Avenue.

There was a structure fire on Lupfer Avenue.

Jan. 25

There was a report of the theft of $500 in cash from the till in the office of a business on Highway 93. 

The driver of a gray Ford Bronco was drinking a Twisted Tea in the drive-through window of a business on Highway 93. The driver was a female in her late teens.

Someone found a money clip near the viaduct and said he’d drop it off at the police station.

The male who was found passed out in his truck was counseled on his behavior while his girlfriend was on the way to pick him up. 

An apparent hit-and-run accident occurred on Edgewood Place when a blue Suburban hit a light post and left.

Jan 26

Someone lost a set of keys on the sidewalk on Central Avenue.

A white Jeep with a black top was reported for swerving into the other lane on Wisconsin Avenue. It was believed the driver may have been drinking. 

The driver of a silver Volvo was thought to be drunk and was seen driving all over Highway 40 and almost getting into multiple head on collisions.

A male was trying to turn off his Apple watch when he accidentally dialed 911.

A resident on Park Avenue was very agitated that her neighbor was in her backyard smoking a pipe and reportedly, watching the resident through her windows. She felt she was being harassed but was advised that the actions she was describing were not violations. 

A concerned caller reported seeing something that looks the way fire would look in the neighboring apartment building on Second Street. There was no smoke or flames and the cause for concern was merely a specific kind of lighting.

Someone was cited for urinating in public on Central Avenue.

Some people needed to be counseled to not stand in the middle of the road.

After the driver of a brown Toyota was seen swerving all over the road, he was also seen staggering as he was walking when he exited his vehicle at a location on Highway 93.

Jan. 27

A bike rack was knocked over on First Street.

The driver of a white pickup truck was tailgating and passing unsafely on Big Mountain Road before yelling at the caller at a stop sign.

There were no injuries and the parties exchanged information after one truck backed into another truck in a parking lot on Wisconsin Avenue.