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Police Calls: Men behaving badly, barking dogs

| April 10, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

March 26

  • The caller said he had information about a possible burglary that happened at an unknown time and at an unknown location.

  • There is a loud noise that is keeping the caller from sleeping and he’d like to talk to someone about the source of the noise.

  • The owner of a business on Highway 93 wanted the man who stayed for four nights but only paid for two nights to leave her hotel and not come back. She said he was very intoxicated and a “huge mess.”

  • A dog was found in a parking lot near Mill Avenue and taken to the police department. According to the dog’s chip the owner lived in Washington but according to Facebook she now lives in Whitefish. 

  • An employee of a business on Central Avenue was missing his phone. A male who seemed drunk and left a green shoe at a restaurant may have taken it. After plotting the whereabouts of the phone, it was eventually returned to the owner.

  • Two suspicious males were seen on Central Avenue smoking from something that appeared to be some sort of pipe.

  • The upstairs neighbors on Colorado Avenue were being loud, jumping and screaming before being advised of the noise ordinance.

  • A man who appeared visibly intoxicated was observed urinating on the sidewalk on Spokane Avenue. Previously, a call came in about a man urinating on the floor of a business on Central Avenue.

  • A male wearing a black scarf was reportedly causing problems all night at a business on Central Avenue.

March 27

  • It is believed the barking dogs involved in an ongoing barking dog complaint are on Third Street.

  • A male in his 20s seemed to be up to no good as he was trying the door knobs of apartments on Shiloh Avenue before driving off in a tan Suburban.

  • A gold Cadillac was driving on Highway 93 with no plates.

  • The caller said the man in a sedan on Wisconsin Avenue was driving really slow and into the oncoming lane. The driver told the caller he had been drinking.

March 28

  • Someone on Fourth Street was upset when a neighbor left a “rude” letter for her about her barking dogs. She was upset that the neighbor had not left such a letter for all the owners of barking dogs in the neighborhood.

  • Dogs on Third Street were reportedly barking non-stop.

  • The caller didn’t believe the white truck that had been converted into a camper should be camping on Spokane Avenue.

  • A property manager on Second Street wants the three or four vehicles that were left on the property by previous tenants to be removed.

  • A motorist on Highway 93 required help with a lug nut on her Toyota 4Runner because she didn’t have the correct tool. 

  • The white truck/camper was still on Spokane Avenue and the caller still wanted it to be moved.

  • The driver of a Ford Explorer was given a warning for careless driving as he crossed the center line several times on Spokane Avenue.

March 29

  • A black bifold wallet with “cash and stuff” in it was lost on Highway 93.

  • Two large dogs and one small one were reportedly barking loudly on Third Street.

  • A Subaru was struck by another vehicle on Waverly Place sometime after midnight.

  • The caller on Bay Point Drive who accidentally dialed 911 was confused about how his phone made the call.

  • A caller reported that a lot of vehicles were speeding from downtown to the golf course.

  • A male was “making everyone uncomfortable” by hanging out and refusing to leave a business on Highway 40. He was wandering in and out of the establishment mumbling things.