Sunday, April 14, 2024

Police Calls: Loose moose, suspicious Verizon salesmen

| April 3, 2024 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

March 19

  • A concerned citizen called about black smoke he saw coming up from under the viaduct. He was unsure whether it was a diesel train or a fire. It was, indeed, a locomotive getting started for the morning and there was no fire.

  • An alarm was sounded at a location on Spokane Avenue, signaling smoke in the restroom, but the alarm was caused by construction and was reset without incident.

  • Apparently, there is explicit pornography in the bathroom at a business on Central Avenue and the caller was concerned because children walk into the bathroom and seem alarmed when walking back out.

  • An individual tried to steal some alcohol from a location on Highway 40.

  • A large bull moose was walking through the area on Third Street, appearing to be non-aggressive.

  • A female moose who seemed disoriented was seen swimming back and forth in the river near Spokane Avenue. Fish and Game was aware and heading that way.

  • A black Toyota Tacoma with California license plates was parked on the sidewalk on Wisconsin Avenue.

  • Approximately five teenagers were seen trying to light fires with a lighter and hairspray.

  • A motorist attempted to evade law enforcement by driving through a parking lot and a drive thru on Highway 93. 

  • A suspicious male was hanging around a traffic stop. When approached by an officer, the man, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, stated he was a public defender.

March 20

  • A woman was loading groceries into her car when she accidentally dialed 911.

  • Teen boys and girls were seen atop the parking garage yelling at people and at cars while walking along the ledge of the building. They were counseled.

  • The caller said the three juvenile males in the playground doing brodies on electric bikes were disrespectful and rude.

  • Five or six kids were seen vandalizing mailboxes on Edgewood Place. Later, they were pounding on a resident’s door.

March 21

  • A caller was not happy that a blue Ford truck was still parked on Waverly Place and wanted the vehicle towed.

  • Reportedly, two men were knocking on doors on Somers Avenue, saying they were with Verizon and selling home internet. The caller thinks they were seeing if people are home and the two have been there all day.

  • A Dodge took a corner too quickly and made contact with a skid steer on Miles Avenue.

March 22

  • The young driver of the car on the wrong side of the road appeared to be looking for something.

  • There were large chunks of mud in the southbound lane of Highway 93.

  • Two males were drinking alcohol at a business on Highway 93 and are to be trespassed from the area for one year.

  • An intoxicated male was pulling on the doors of a business on Central Avenue before the business was open. He was seen nearly falling over on the corner of First Street and Central Avenue.

  • Males fighting on Central Avenue were counseled on their behavior.

March 23

  • A female was seen hitting the side mirror of a parked car on Baker Avenue.

  • Someone on Park Avenue hit the power button too many times on his phone and accidentally dialed 911.

  • A dog was left out on a leash for hours on Highway 93 and was barking. The caller claimed to be more concerned about the owner of the dog than the dog, who was taken in.

  • Someone found a French bulldog on Cedar Street.

  • There were two people in the pool at a location on Wisconsin Avenue who should not have been there. 

  • Gunshots were heard twice near Brimstone Drive.

March 24

  • The driver of a white SUV said another vehicle swerved and she swerved and hit a bole. Yet another vehicle then clipped the SUV and did not stop. 

  • A driver on Second Street appeared to have been zoning out and not paying attention as he crossed the centerline.

March 25

  • A Dodge hit a Honda in a parking lot on Highway 93.

  • The driver of a black Infinity was seen fluctuating his speed and not maintaining his lane on Highway 93.