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Police Calls: Drunks yelling on Central Avenue, wrong room confusion

| September 13, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Aug. 20

Ten transients were reportedly harassing customers at a business on Central Avenue. They were advised not to harass people.

A woman locked her keys in the car while parked at a gas pump. Law enforcement unlocked the vehicle.

Someone saw smoke coming from the top of a house near River Lake Parkway.

Aug. 21

Ten drivers were given warnings and/or citations on Highway 93 and on Baker Avenue over the course of a one hour period in the morning.

There was an ongoing issue with a barking dog on Hawthorne Court reported.

There was an unruly person across the street from a business on Central Avenue singing and screaming.

An intoxicated pedestrian on Central Avenue with a bottle of alcohol in one hand was dancing and yelling. The reporting party said, “There's a guy out there having too much fun.”

Some visitors placed their belongings in the wrong room. After realizing the mistake and finding their correct room, they found they were locked out of the initial room containing their stuff.

Aug. 22

The caller left his bike at a location along Central Avenue a few weeks ago because it was broken down. Once he got the part to fix it, he found the bike was gone.

The caller’s dog got out while two other dogs were off leash and the three fought on Mill Avenue. There were no serious injuries to any of the dogs.

Someone found a gray and white dog on Fairway Drive and brought him to the police station.

The owner of the gray and white dog was on her way to collect the dog.

A gray and white dog was found on Oregon Avenue and the finder said she’d keep the dog until the owner was found.

A very drunk man was running around singing and disturbing people at the farmers market.

A driver hit something that resulted in a punctured gas tank. The vehicle, now at a location on Highway 93, had likely been leaking oil and fuel since Hungry Horse.

A vehicle was parked on the sidewalk along Wisconsin Avenue, blocking the path for bikes and walkers. It was cited.

Aug 23

An alarm was heard going off and on repeatedly near the high school or the middle school and it seemed suspicious.

The Whitefish Public Works Department worked with the police department to contact a vehicle's owner to have it moved so that a nearby tree, that was about to fall on the car, could be removed.

It was reported that two large construction trailers were left at the end of Brimstone Drive. They were moved the next day.

A caller who was staying at an Airbnb on Lupfer Avenue experienced a hit and run accident. He said his car was parked out front and had been hit sometime today.

The resident of a penthouse on Lupfer Avenue called to report kids skating in the area.

Aug. 24

A black Jeep Wrangler was seen going 90 mph, swerving and passing cars recklessly. The reporting party said the driver passed a vehicle in the turn lane, cut her off and caused her to slam on her brakes.

The owner of a vehicle that has been parked with two tires on the sidewalk, in front of the caller’s house on Third Street for three weeks, said she’d have it towed in a few days.

Five juveniles were seen on skateboards going down the road on Columbia Avenue, not paying any mind to traffic.

Aug 25

Someone reported losing four keys on a cordlike bottle opener last week either on Texas Avenue, Edgewood or Spokane.

Drivers were cited for speeding and cell phone use.

Dogs that a neighbor promised to keep leashed after an incident on Mill Avenue have been seen running loose again.

An employee of a business on Highway 40 said a male stole beer and left in a gold car.