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Police Calls: Garbage man pulls double duty as traffic controller

| September 6, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Aug. 14

Two dogs were left in a closed, non-running vehicle for two hours in the afternoon.

A silver Audi was seen driving on the wrong side of the road on River Lakes Parkway. The vehicle was also stopping in the middle of the road and facing the wrong direction.

Aug. 15

The driver of a silver Grand Cherokee left a dog, who was panting heavily, inside the vehicle on Spokane Avenue.

A van and a motorcycle experienced a non-injury motor vehicle accident on Spokane Avenue.

An orange Jeep and a Green Subaru also experienced a non-injury motor vehicle accident on Highway 93.

The community mailboxes were left open on Skyles Place. A postal carrier was contacted and handled the issue.

Another case of a driver leaving a dog in a car happened on Railway Street. It had been parked there for at least 30 minutes.

Aug. 16

A woman fell off her golf cart but said she was fine and refused help.

A guest of an Airbnb who was supposed to be out of the unit was refusing to leave.

Two women were topless on a public dock that is frequently used by children. They were advised of the city and state ordinances.

The caller said a transient male threw a golf club at her vehicle and caused some damage.

Two more instances of people leaving dogs in hot cars were reported. One was a Dodge on Highway 93 and one was a Buick on Third Street.

Reportedly, a female took grocery items from a store on Highway 93 and put them in a black purse before getting into a vehicle with a male driver.

Two tall teenage boys took two boxes of alcohol from a business on Highway 40, then left.

Aug. 17

It was reported that items were stolen from a vehicle on Birch Point Drive, including a drivers license, cash, credit cards and sunglasses.

When a bus died on Highway 40 and its flashers weren’t working, the caller said a garbage man in an orange vest was directing traffic.

A tall, thin, white male was yelling and making threats. When law enforcement spoke with him, he said he was just blowing off steam. He was counseled on his behavior.

A large white dog was found and was being contained in the backyard of the person who found him.

A resident of Skyles Place has an issue with marijuana smells coming through the air conditioning vents.

An older Toyota and a newer Lexus had a non-injury accident.

When 911 was dialed accidentally, the caller said he was telling a story about calling 911 and his watch went ahead and called.

There was a tug of war between neighbors over a yoga mat.

Someone reported seeing a mom bear and cub walking on the bike path along Wisconsin Avenue.

Twenty-three warnings were issued for trash can violations all over town.

Aug. 19

A resident on Wedgewood Lane assured police that the cats are inside now and are no longer going to be a problem. She had adopted several over the winter with plans to re-home them in the summer but that plan didn’t work out, so she will be bringing them to the shelter soon.

A gross refrigerator was dropped off at a location on First Street. An employee reported the fridge was moldy and contained rotten food and asked that the owner return, pick up the fridge and deliver it to the dump.

A husky, a smaller white dog and a hound ran up from the train tracks. The finder of the dogs was able to find the owner.

Someone lost a wallet somewhere in Whitefish.