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Senate wasting time not responding to Hamas attacks

by Ryan Zinke
| October 29, 2023 12:00 AM

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the bombing of the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. In the words of President Ronald Reagan, “We should all recognize these deeds make so evident the bestial nature of those who would assume power if they could have their way.” Reagan’s words ring as true today as they did then. 

Israel is under attack by an Iranian-backed terrorists. More than a thousand Israelis have been murdered since Hamas’ brutal attack on the Jewish State — more than 30 Americans have been taken hostage. A spokesperson for the Israeli president said, “It’s no exaggeration to say yesterday was the darkest day in Jewish history since the end of the Holocaust.” 

The attack against our ally follows a pattern of weakness by President Joe Biden and a radical and dangerous shift by the Democrat party. Under three years of Biden, we’ve had constant war and chaos. Afghanistan collapsed under Taliban control. Russia invaded Ukraine. North Korea resumed nuclear missile tests. China is positioning to invade Taiwan. China, Russia and Iran are conducting joint exercises. Iranian funded terrorists attacked on our ally. And now, dozens of American servicemembers have been wounded in attacks on U.S. bases in the Middle East.

Israeli communities have been ripped apart, children beheaded and burned alive, and women raped and tortured. This is the same chilling hate Reagan spoke about 40 years ago. 

Here’s the facts: Hamas is funded and supported by Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet. The same Iran that chants “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” while simultaneously accepting billions of dollars from the Biden administration. The same Iran that was responsible for killing U.S. servicemen in Iraq, and the same Iran that is now coordinating attacks against American embassies and bases in the Middle East. 

While President Biden has declared his support for Israel, his party continues to call for Israel to lay down their defensive arms. Worse yet, his administration has been caught funneling tens of billions of dollars to Iran by circumventing mandated sanctions. 

Enough is enough. I demand action. Last month the Republican House sent the Senate two appropriations bills: the Department of Defense Appropriations Act and the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Act. So far, the Senate has done nothing. Both have funding for our troops forward deployed in the Middle East and complete aid packages to support for Israel. We don’t need a supplemental funding bill for Israel, we need the Senate to do their jobs.  Sen. Jon Tester is uniquely positioned to take the leadership role here and come to the table on DOD and Israel appropriations as the Democrat chair of the Senate subcommittee. 

I’ve also sponsored legislation to stop Biden’s transfer of funds to Iran, stop Biden’s funding of Palestinian organizations, and stop any visas or immigration of Palestinians to the United States. Frankly, I find it sickening that the president of the United States would allow a single foreign national from Palestine to enter our country while we still have dozens of Americans held hostage by Palestinian terrorists.

Because of Biden’s weakness American troops and our embassy in Beirut was once again under attack this week as our Marines were 40 years ago. While the president can turn a blind eye to what his policies are funding, I won’t. I will not allow Biden and his party to stand with Israel on Twitter and stand with Hamas in the halls of Congress. Now is the time to pass the defense, state and foreign operations, and homeland security funding bills.

Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke represents Montana’s First District. He lives in Whitefish.