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What we expect doesn't always happen…

| November 29, 2023 1:00 AM

Most of us take our city services for granted. Not anymore! We expect water to flow from our faucet, expect our sewage to go where it is supposed to go and expect our storm and drain water to flow to an environmentally safe place. 

Early on Thursday, Nov. 16, I awoke to a home without any running water. I knew that I was on Auto Pay with the City of Whitefish but nonetheless, I went outside to see/hear if there was a major plumbing leak in our home. I found out there was a broken water main on Grouse Mountain.

I/we want to commend Craig Workman and his Public Works crew for their unwavering commitment to repair the main. Craig and his crew worked non-stop for 32 hours, through sub-freezing weather, through the night and all day Friday to repair the massive leak and make Fairway Drive from Highway 93 accessible. 

That’s 32 hours non-stop by our City’s crews! Paving was completed on Tuesday. 

From the Board of the Grouse Mountain HOA and its residents, we herald your commitment to maintaining 24/7/365 city services for our city-wide residents. We salute you!

Phil Boland, Whitefish