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Police Calls: One menacing blonde woman and two curious black bears

| November 15, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Oct. 20

  • Someone had a gun in a safe but can no longer find it. He thinks it may have been stolen.

  • Two teen boys were seen in a business on Baker Avenue going through employees’ belongings. When asked to leave, they said their mother owned the building, then eventually left.

  • A German Shepherd was found running in the roadway near the golf course.

  • There is an ongoing issue involving two silver trucks blocking the caller's vehicle.

  • There was a chain across the boat launch and the caller was not able to take his boat out of the water.

  • The caller claimed her leather jacket was stolen at a location on Central Avenue. Security film revealed she did not have a jacket on when she came into the establishment. Later, the caller called back, said she found her jacket and continued to speak nonsense before disconnecting the call.

  • Unsure whether the situation constitutes a barking dog complaint or a cruelty case, callers reported a dog barking in a house on Columbia Avenue. It was thought the dog was stuck in one room and the owners of the house haven’t been home for a few days.

Oct. 26

  • Someone reported seeing a black bear cub in her yard on O’Brien Avenue. The mama bear was not in sight and the caller thought the young bruin appeared to be cold.

  • While the caller was unable to determine if the man in the Mazda had stolen anything from the store on Highway 40, he did say the man was smoking meth in the vehicle.

  • New video from the store on Highway 40 shows a clear shot of the previously-mentioned man shoplifting.

  • A light blue Jeep has been parked on Tumblehome Avenue for at least two months and the caller said he has never seen the vehicle move.

Oct. 27

  • After a theft occurred yesterday at a business on Central Avenue, the stolen item was recovered.

  • A motorcycle was reported as stolen from a location on Baker Avenue.

  • Party goers on Blackberry Loop were making a bunch of noise. They were advised to keep it down.

Oct. 28

  • A small white dog with no apparent collar was seen running around Fourth Street, back and forth from the sidewalk to the road.

  • Two bears were on a deck on Birch Hill Drive. The caller wasn’t sure whether or not the bears were trying to get in the sliding glass door.

  • An Uber driver found a Visa card and after contacting the owner of the card, he was advised to destroy it.

  • Someone was smashing windows on the upper level of the parking lot on First Street. Meanwhile, a woman with blonde pigtails, who was accompanied by a man dressed as a viking, was threatening another woman, saying she was going to smash her face in.

Nov. 2

  • After a hit and run in front of a business on Central Avenue, video was obtained of the accident. Since there was no damage to the caller’s vehicle, he did not want to press charges.

  • Two large trucks experienced a non-injury accident on Railway Street.

  • A silver Tacoma was driving recklessly on Highway 93 and nearly hit someone.

  • A beige Land Rover had been parked under a tree on Colorado Avenue for days. The owner would remove it shortly.

  • A responsible citizen left a note after hitting a car on Highway 93. The parties exchanged information.

Nov. 3

  • The alarm going off on Second Street at 7:52 a.m. was only being tested.

  • A Subaru with Maryland plates was seen driving 80-90 mph and swerving in and out of traffic on Highway 93. The caller believes the driver was on her phone at the time.