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Police Calls: Machete-toting man bums a smoke

| November 8, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

Oct. 11

  • An Apple watch was causing issues and was blamed for the accidental call to 911.

  • A motorist who has lived here for a year was advised to get a Montana driver's license and Montana plates and was also warned for speeding.

  • An employee at a business on Baker Avenue is suspected of stealing money over the last six months.

  • There were no injuries and no road blockages when a Ford truck and a Dodge Dakota collided on Bitterroot Court.

  • A male in a store on Central Avenue was making the employee and the customer uncomfortable.

  • A black and brown German Shepherd mix was found on Armory Road, brought to the police station and returned to his owner.

  • A male was considered suspicious at a location on Montana 40 because, in part, he stared at the mountains for about 15 minutes.

  • The caller reported that two pickup trucks on Monegan Road seemed to be drag racing. Both vehicles nearly hit the caller.

  • Someone wanted to use the breathalyzer machine.

  • It seemed suspicious when a neighbor saw a flashlight going through a house on Waverly Place.

Oct. 12

  • A person on Second Street keeps getting letters pushed under her door from a subject rambling about some strange things.

  • When the vacant men’s bathroom door was found propped open with rocks, the rocks were moved and the door was secured.

  • A man with a machete on his hip approached the caller and asked for a cigarette. The caller said the man didn’t threaten anyone with the machete, but it was just weird. The machete-carrying man then asked the caller if he creeped them out.

Oct. 13

  • Fences and toilets had been knocked over and someone had been throwing cones into the foundation in a case of criminal mischief at a location on Baker Avenue.

  • People in a Volvo with Washington plates on Spokane Avenue were seen throwing trash out the window.

  • A young, white male driver of a black motorcycle was seen driving into oncoming traffic, driving on the shoulder of Highway 93, going too fast and flipping people off.

Oct. 14

  •  Two males wearing KKK masks in a white Tacoma on Third Street were yelling at people.

  • There was a drunk male in the lobby on Depot Street refusing to pay his $50 bill for his taxi ride.

Oct. 15

  • The owner of the lost fanny pack with cash in it was able to positively describe all the items in the bag and was able to retrieve them.

Oct. 17

  • A male with a shaggy brown beard was dancing and talking to himself in the parking lot on Central Avenue, making staff at an establishment there nervous.

  • A black and white Australian Shepherd was stuck in the pickleball courts on Fourth Street. A kind citizen said he would keep the dog overnight and call the vet in the morning.

  • A blue Ford truck hit a traffic pole on Spokane Avenue and lost its emblem at the location. The traffic pole was still standing and all the lights were working.

  • A bear-resistant trash can was seen overflowing, with its lid open. Later, a bear knocked it over.

Oct. 18

  • The driver of a very loud blue Subaru has been driving 45-50 mph on Armory Road regularly and nearly hit a child in the crosswalk.

  • Someone hit a tree at the intersection of Flathead and Junes Way.

  • An older Subaru sideswiped a Toyota Prius, left and then returned to the scene on Spokane Avenue.

  • Someone hit a truck that was parked at a business on Highway 93 while the driver was inside.

  • A black SUV and a white SUV collided. There were no injuries.