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Self-care + Health - Best of Whitefish 2023

| May 31, 2023 1:00 AM

Best Clinic / Office Atmosphere

1st — The Chiropractor / IV Element

2nd — Glacier Medical Associates

2nd — Compass Chiropractic

Best Family Practice

1st — Glacier Medical Associates

2nd — Compass Chiropractic

3rd — All Families Healthcare

Best Physician

1st — Morgan Coleman, Big Mountain Family Medicine

2nd — Courtney Austin, Glacier Medical Associates

3rd — Mirna Bowden, Alpine Women’s Center

Best Nurse

1st — Kelly Trufant, Birth Center at Logan Health - Whitefish

2nd — Cooky Bryson, Birth Center at Logan Health - Whitefish

3rd — Lindsey Herndon, BusyBee IV Hydration & Wellness

Best Prenatal Care

1st — Alpine Women's Center

2nd — Compass Chiropractic

3rd — Two Sparrows Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Best Mental Health Professional

1st — Kate Berry, Sweetgrass Psychological Services

2nd — Deven Robinson, Northwest Behavioral Health and Wellness

3rd — Megan Lewis Counseling

Best Physical Therapist

1st — PJ McCracken, The Body Mechanic

2nd — Robin Bewley, Full Send Physio

3rd — Ceirra Carlson, PTA Physical Therapy

Best Optometrist

1st — Kurt Blades, Whitefish Eye Center

2nd — Michelle Botner, Whitefish Eye Center

3rd — Naomi Barnes, North Valley Eye Care

Best Dentist

1st — Stebbins Dental Studio

2nd — Smile Montana Dental Center - Whitefish

3rd — Dalen Dental Clinic

Best Chiropractor

1st — The Chiropractor

2nd — Compass Chiropractic

3rd — Two Sparrows Family Chiropractic & Wellness

Best Massage Therapist

1st — Christina DuFour, Vibe Wellness Lounge (tied)

1st — Jessica Gutierrez, Vibe Wellness Lounge (tied)

2nd — Emily Butler, Hedgewood Healing Arts

3rd — Lea Hawkins, Fifth Ave. Massage

Best Alternative Health Practitioner

1st — Janna Hibler, The IV Element

2nd — Compass Chiropractic

3rd — Amy Rupprecht, acupuncture at Vibe Wellness Lounge/Physio Whitefish

Best Pharmacy

1st — Alpine Apothecary

2nd — Safeway Pharmacy

3rd — Whitefish Pharmacy

Best Place To Work Out

1st — The Wave Aquatic & Fitness Center

2nd — Love Yoga: Hot Yoga and Barre

3rd — PEAK Fit

Best Yoga Instructor

1st — Jodi Petlin, Shanti Yoga Studio

2nd — Anna Bohacs, Love Yoga

3rd — Jackie Culver, Love Yoga

Best Fitness Instructor

1st — Andre Bolourchi, PEAK Fit

2nd — Stephanie Stabenow, barre teacher at Love Yoga

3rd — Delia Buckmaster, Delia Pilates Studio

Best Salon

1st — Covet Beauty

2nd — Reecia's Salon and Spa

3rd — Red Union Salon

Best Hair Stylist

1st — Emary Lee, Reecia’s Salon and Spa (tied)

1st — Gillian Moss, Red Union Salon (tied)

1st — Melissa Anderson, HER Salon (tied)

2nd — Analise Henjum, Covet Beauty

3rd — Bailey O’Day, Covet Beauty

Best Barber

1st — Lance Wright, Whitefish Barbershop

2nd — Brittney Smith, Clip Joint

3rd — Constantine Dolkas, Whitefish Barbershop

Best Spa / Wellness Center

1st — Vibe Wellness Lounge

2nd — Great Northern Lash & Esthetics

3rd — Covet Beauty

Best Aesthetician / Esthetician

1st — Megan Robinson, Covet Beauty

2nd — Nina Mae Thew, Great Northern Lash & Esthetics

3rd — Alyssa Whitby, Vibe Wellness Lounge

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