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Police Calls: Illegal rental or visit from Goldilocks?

| May 31, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

May 13

A young boy accidentally called 911 from an Apple watch.

The out-of-state owner of a condo on Lupfer Avenue called police because he believes the unit is being rented without permission by the decorator. Evidence includes a bed that had been slept in and items that were out of place.

Two accidental 911 calls came in. One from a purse and one from a person hitting the side buttons a couple of times.

A caller was concerned about golf carts on the sidewalks and could see a golf cart on the sidewalk during his call to authorities.

It was reported that an older, black BMW sedan has been driving at least 45 mph on Columbia Avenue for the last few weeks.

Two dogs were locked in a car for at least two hours near Second Street. When law enforcement arrived, the owners came back and were with the dogs.

A party on Kalispell Avenue was noisy but then they turned the music off for the night at nearly 11 p.m.

May 14

Someone found a wallet and delivered it to the police.

A red-collared dog described as skittish was running on Colorado Avenue.

Animal Control was alerted of a large white dog, with a collar but no phone number or name on the tags, on Colorado Avenue.

People swimming in Whitefish Lake caused a concerned citizen to report them for fear the water is too cold. They finally appeared to be swimming to shore.

May 15

A request was made for someone to make cars slow down and be aware of the deer crossing Baker Avenue.

There was a noise complaint from State Park Road when someone reported hearing a rooster. No chickens of any kind were found, nor was anything heard upon investigation.

A car that was legally parked on a side street and was not an issue seemed to be an issue for the caller who was concerned the vehicle was not using a parking lot.

A juvenile was sitting on the ledge of the top tier of the parking garage and was advised to get down.

A dog was found and turned over to police.

Gunshots or explosions were heard on Park Avenue multiple times. It was discovered that the sounds came from a Flathead Electric Cooperative truck that was testing a transformer.

May 16

A small service dog was attacked by an off-leash dog on Central Avenue. The dog, reportedly, had no injuries.

Four juveniles were counseled on trespassing on the railroad’s property after they were walking under the viaduct.

Someone reported seeing a black passenger car speeding on Edgewood Drive, going at least 100 mph.

A noisy neighbor was reported on Wisconsin Avenue and the caller said it was an ongoing issue.

Police informed folks about the open container law and advised another couple not to camp in town.

May 17

A brown pitbull mix was running loose on Edgewood drive and appeared to be lost.

A misunderstanding led to a dog being reported as missing when he was at the vet.

A caller reported seeing several close calls between vehicles and pedestrians due to drivers cutting through business parking lots because of construction on Highway 93.

When a woman was walking her dog, someone in an older truck with a younger passenger, threw a water bottle at her.