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Whitefish Marathon competitors finish despite unseasonably hot weather

by Whitefish Pilot
| May 24, 2023 1:00 AM

Smoke in the valley cleared only slightly for the Whitefish Marathon races last Saturday but it was the unseasonably warm temperatures in the mid-80s that posed a greater challenge to the over 800 runners who turned out for the event.

The event included a full marathon with 127 participants, a half marathon with 341 and a 5K run that saw 334 runners.

Kalispell's Michael Ortley was the winner of the marathon with a blistering time of 2:56:37. Ryan Wilbur of Kalispell was second, in 3:06:55 and Paul Paschal from Whitefish ran the 26.2 miles in 3:13:18.

The top marathoner in the women's division was Elizabeth Paddock of Missoula with a wildly fast time of 3:31:10. Whitefish runner Robin Bewley finished in 3:32:55, and in third place, Charlene Leroux of Lethbridge, Alberta, ran a 3:34:19. The top three women finished within 3 minutes and 9 seconds of each other.

Whitefish’s Micah Drew won the half marathon with a time of 1:11:12. Peter Schommer from Helena took second with 1:15:16 and Jared Jimmerson from Sandy, Utah, finished third with a time of 1:21:00.

Elizabeth Wasserman from Columbia Falls won the women's division with 1:21:12. Flavie Dokken of Whitefish was second at 1:32:27 and Jeni Halowski from Lethbridge, AB, finished in third place with 1:36:25.

The winner of the 5K was Alyssa Foote from Aloha, Oregon, who ran it in 18:08. Second place belongs to Parker Barrile of Whitefish who ran 19:51 and third went to Kari Eberline of Kalispell with a time of 21:11.

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Top 10 Finishers with clock times.



Elizabeth Paddock, Missoula, 3:31:10

Robin Bewley, Whitefish, 3:32:55

Charlene Leroux, Lethbridge, AB,3:34:19

Sheridan Wilkes, Kalispell, 3:46:00

Kay Evans, Chocowinity, NC, 3:51:09

Kathy Perrins, Kalispell, 3:55:22

Amy Hotchkiss, Gray Creek, BC, 4:02:56

Scarlet Kaplan, Whitefish, 4:04:52

Sara McAllister, Missoula, 4:05:39

Lesley Zellmer, Chinook, 4:06:37


Michael Ortley, Kalispell, 2:56:37

Ryan Wilbur, Kalispell, 3:06:55

Paul Paschal, Whitefish, 3:13:18

Jacob Deitz, Kalispell, 3:14:04

John Kirby, Kalispell, 3:19:09

Nathan Peterson, Whitefish, 3:29:58

Joshua Johnson, Kalispell, 3:37:34

Seth Carbonari, Eureka, 3:38:41

Justin Kauffman, Whitefish, 3:40:11

Chris Louie, Valencia, CA, 3:39:35

Half Marathon


Elizabeth Wasserman, Columbia Falls, 1:21:12

Flavie Dokken, Whitefish, 1:32:27

Jeni Halowski, Lethbridge, AB, 1:36:25

Sara Raz, Missoula, 1:42:08

Stella Sharbono, Whitefish, 1:43:12

Rhian Young, Missoula, 1:48:22

Shanea Trevino, Whitefish, 1:47:23

Aby Fitch, Whitefish, 1:47:41

Denise Singery, Spokane, 1:49:12

Carley Ellis, Oklahoma City, 1:49:10


Micah Drew, Whitefish, 1:11:12

Peter Schommer, Helena, 1:15:16

Jared Jimmerson, Sandy, UT, 1:21:00

Tim Caramore, Missoula, 1:23:53

Josh Tack, Missoula, 1:27:13

Lonnie Matsuno, Invermere, BC, 1:27:52

Adam Sommers, Kalispell, 1:28:21

Brad Dolesh, Whitefish, 1:29:25

Tyler Gardner, Whitefish, 1:30:50

Branden Heaps, Colbert, WA, 1:31:05



Alyssa Foote, Aloha, OR, 18:09

Kari Eberline, Kalispell, 21:11

Alexis Kemp, Kalispell, 21:49

Jaelyn Wood, Calgary, AB, 22:46

Evelina Nakonechny, Columbia Falls, 23:32

Tatiana Raymond, Columbia Falls, 23:32

Elviera Nakonechny, Columbia Falls, 23:40

Sara Richardson, Kalispell, 24:17

Shady Erhorn, Billings, 25:31

Denise Foote, Beaverton, OR, 24:35


Parker Barrile, Whitefish, 19:51

Robert Roberts Jr., Missoula, 22:37

Alex Stevens, Whitefish, 23:42

Ryan Fatheree, Whitefish, 22:30

Samuel Lockwod, Athol, ID, 23:20

Ethan Ronnegren, Kalispell, 23:00

David Losee, Whitefish, 24:08

Rhett Lindskoog, Columbia Falls, 23:51

Casey Ling, Whitefish, 25:25

Jack Eisenbarth, Whitefish, 25:48


Elizabeth Paddock, the top female finisher in the Whitefish Marathon, gets a high five from a pacer at the finish line. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Nathan Peterson of Whitefish roars while crossing the finish line of the marathon. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Robin Bewley gets a bit of help to cross the finish line as the second place woman in the Whitefish Marathon. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Finishers were all smiles in Depot Park after the Whitefsih Marathon on Saturday. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Four happy runners cross the finish line together after running the half marathon at Saturday's races in Whitefish. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Runners Joe Wilkes and Todd Davidson finish the fourth mile of the half marathon on Saturday. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


A group of spectators at the corner of Monegan Road and Dillon Road cheer for the runners at the Whitefish Marathon. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Three race finishers celebrate with their medals and a couple beers at the Whitefish Marathon. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Ryan Wilbur of Kalispell crosses the finish line of the Whitefish Marathon in second place overall on Saturday. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


A postrace celebration hug at the finish line of the Whitefish Marathon. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Shawn and Christina Isakson cross the finish line in good spirits at the Whitefish Marathon. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Michael Ortley, winner of the Whitefish Marathon, chats with a friend after the race. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


Brittni Mauro from Spokane competes in the half marathon race during the Whitefish Marathon on Saturday. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)


A racer checks her watch and rests in Depot Park after finishing a race at the Whitefish Marathon on May 20. (Julie Engler/Whitefish Pilot)