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Police Calls: 911 is not intended to supply weather reports

| May 24, 2023 1:00 AM

The police calls section is presented for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the nature or the volume of the calls received by local law enforcement.

May 8

A Nissan truck with a Maine license plate was reported as swerving all over the road on Baker Avenue.

A dark brown or black dog was running in the road on Baker Avenue. The caller said the dog appeared to be scared.

A white and tan dog was standing in the middle of the road on Barkley Lane and barking aggressively, so the caller didn’t want to leave her vehicle.

A very skittish black Labrador had been reported wandering around the area on Baker Avenue for a couple days.

A business on Highway 93 caught a male border collie and kept him in their office.

The woman who accidentally dialed 911 was heard to be out of breath because she was running to get out of the rain.

Two bricks in the middle of an intersection on Highway 93 posed a traffic hazard.

A man was counseled on his behavior after he stumbled around on Karrow Avenue and yelled at a woman and her dog.

May 9

A couple people apparently camping out behind a building were making the caller uncomfortable but it seemed they were packing up and preparing to leave.

A man was sleeping in the bed of someone’s pickup truck, then gathered his belongings and exited the vehicle.

May 10

A vehicle was on fire on Karrow Avenue. The vehicle was off to the side of the road, on the shoulder, and was not a hazard. The driver called for a tow truck.

Someone reported having their hunting rifle stolen out of a camper.

A woman visited the police department to request some items she said were seized from previous incidents: a firearm, bullets and adult sex toys. When the officers informed her that none of those items had ever been seized in any previous stop or encounter, she became upset and left the station abruptly.

A driver called to inform police they believed traffic control was necessary on Baker Avenue at a construction zone because traffic was backed up at an intersection.

A caller reported a kid on a dirt bike driving fast on Seventh Street. The reckless driving is an ongoing issue.

May 11

A motor home in the corner of a parking lot of a business on Highway 93 raised suspicions. The caller said it has no plates and no one is around.

The person who called 911 to ask about the temperature was advised that this was not appropriate use of 911.

On Lakeshore Drive, a landscaper was reportedly bitten by a loose dog in the neighborhood.

Two motorcycles were seen speeding and passing vehicles recklessly on Seventh Street. One driver was not wearing a helmet.

The man was polite and apologetic, but it was the third time his phone has accidentally dialed 911. This time, the phone was in his golf bag.

A caller reported a Dodge Ram driving fast on Highway 93. The occupants of the speeding vehicle threw a beer bottle at the caller then started throwing rocks out the window. The older, white Dodge was swerving in and out of the lane.

A driver on Baker Avenue was cited for being reckless, making an improper turn and for having an open container.

A dark sedan was driving down Eighth Street and playing loud rap music at 2 a.m.

May 12

Someone working on laying grass on Monegan Road accidentally dialed 911.

The driver of a brown truck on Highway 93 who was swerving into oncoming traffic was counseled regarding his driving.

In an ongoing issue near Armory Road, a black SUV Porsche was reported for speeding. This car speeds through residential areas frequently and when the caller asks the speedster to slow down, the driver will flip them off and continue to speed. This driver, too, was counseled regarding his driving.

There were some questions about electric bikes riding on the sidewalks.

A report of disorderly conduct from a business on Highway 93 came in when an aggressive customer had to be removed because he became hostile when he was not allowed to exchange previously purchased tobacco products.

No one was injured when a vehicle hit an electric pole on LaBrie Drive. There were no lines on the ground but the pole was standing at a slant, blocking two other streets.

An employee of a business on Central Avenue sought options for dealing with homeless males who keep yelling at the employee everyday.

An intoxicated male with a beer in his hand had been yelling at everyone before he left the area in a silver Saturn.

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