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Support for winter grooming

| May 17, 2023 1:00 AM

I want to take a minute to thank the Whitefish Convention and Visitor Bureau (WCVB) for supporting the Whitefish Bike Retreat (WBR).

The WBR has received the Community Enhancement Grant from the WCVB Community Sustainability Fund that financially supports the work we do for the community during the winter months. Our staff grooms trails around the Beaver Lake area and a portion of the Whitefish Trail for the public to use at no cost to them. The trails are used for hiking, fat biking and Nordic skiing, etc. The support received, helps pay for the gas/maintenance of snow mobiles and employee wages. Without this grant, the Whitefish Bike Retreat would not be able to provide this valuable service.

We are a small family owned business and want to make recreating in Montana available to all. The Whitefish Convention and Visitors Bureau’s promotion via their website and social media platforms help to make this possible throughout the year.


Ron and Cat Dean, owners of the Whitefish Bike Retreat

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