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WCVB helps small businesses

| May 10, 2023 1:00 AM

We would like to share our support of the Whitefish CVB in regards to their efforts in the local area.

Recently, we were honored to be chosen for the Sustainability Grant and awarded a matched dollar contribution to go towards our eco-friendly initiatives, which not only helps support leaner hoteling practices but provides support to other small businesses in our area. For example, we chose to use the funds to better our indoor/outdoor gardening and composting. One reason is that it enhances our gourmet breakfasts with fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Our guests love when we mention that they are eating something that was hand grown in our very own backyard. Second, it helps us be able to utilize local company Dirt Rich Composting. Last year, we composted 993 gallons of food waste that will end up fertilizing our local soils rather than furthering the tremendous damage to our landfills. Third, our garden thrives with a wider variety of birds, bees and other helpful insects that help the local ecology.

All of these things help us market ourselves as a niche location with local value that help to profit the local area with thoughtful guests and thoughtful tourism. We believe that you have to lead by example. The CVB is helping our small business to implement changed tourism industry behaviors. The CVB has enabled us to continue with that mission. We highly support them, as they do us!

Sara and Ryan Grenier, Good Medicine Lodge B&B

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