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Voluntary fee supports affordable housing

| May 3, 2023 1:00 AM

Recent information circulated about Explore Whitefish and the Community Sustainability Fund (CSF) drives a misleading narrative. The shift from tourism marketing to tourism management has given Explore Whitefish the directive to help protect our community and respond to critical issues like housing.

As a new organization founded in 2022, Housing Whitefish had limited funds. The funding commitment from Explore Whitefish through our first three years will total close to $210,000. The funding allowed us to hire our executive director, the first full-time nonprofit employee in Whitefish dedicated to working on affordable housing. Future funds will assist us in completing projects and maintaining programs.

While the percentage of the CSF that goes towards supporting Housing Whitefish varies by year it is a significant amount. When your server says that the fee is going to housing, they are correct. We also support the other programs and campaigns to which the CSF collection is going because we believe the CSF helps our community thrive.

If residents are committed to seeing our community respond to critical issues, we believe a 1% voluntary fee is more than appropriate. There are many ways to support organizations in Whitefish, and for those that do so directly, thank you! We also ask you to please continue supporting the voluntary 1% to allow Explore Whitefish to support organizations like Housing Whitefish.

Daniel Sidder, Housing Whitefish Executive Director

Housing Whitefish Board of Directors