Tuesday, March 21, 2023

FEC’s energy savings totaled $800,000 in 2022

by Whitefish Pilot
| March 8, 2023 1:00 AM

Flathead Electric Cooperative members saved enough energy last year to power 285 average energy-use homes in the Flathead Valley.

FEC members saved 4,105-megawatt hours through energy efficiency efforts, according to numbers released by the co-op. Savings were realized by residential members at 684-megawatt hours, by commercial members at 2,214-megawatt hours and by industrial members at 1,207-megawatt hours.

The co-op's Energy Services department, which advises all members on issues including electric vehicle chargers, solar panels, generators, and lighting upgrades, worked with the Bonneville Power Administration to issue $862,574 in energy efficiency rebates to these residential, commercial, and industrial members.

Since 2009, the co-op’s efficiency programs have realized significant energy efficiency gains, totaling about 128,086-megawatt hours.

That’s enough energy to power 8,893 average energy-use homes in the area for a year, the co-op notes. Since 2012, the co-op has worked with BPA to issue $16.9 million in energy efficiency rebates to members.

The co-op assists members in identifying where their homes may be losing energy and how to proceed with needed upgrades.

In addition, the co-op works with members to issue rebates for certain energy efficiency efforts.

Residential rebates may be available for: HVAC (heat pumps, thermostats), weatherization (insulation upgrades, window replacements), appliances (Energy Star washers and dryers), and water heating (heat pump water heater).

To assist with residential energy efficiency, the co-op also helps members with low-interest, fixed-rate loans to make efficiency upgrades. To qualify for an upgrade loan, the upgrade itself must qualify for a rebate. Loan-eligible upgrades include a heat pump, windows and insulation.

On the commercial side, the co-op supports energy efficiency efforts in lighting, HVAC, insulation, windows, commercial kitchen and food service equipment, plug load, and commercial new construction and building design.

To learn more about residential and commercial energy efficiency efforts and opportunities, call the Energy Services Department at 406-751-4483 or visit the Co-op’s website at www.flatheadelectric.com/save

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