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Legals for February, 8 2023

| February 8, 2023 12:00 AM

No. 2671 The City of Whitefish Fire Department is accepting proposals to design and  construct a Fire Pumper for the City of Whitefish Fire Department. It is not the  intent of the City of Whitefish to favor one vendor; however, we do, from time  to time, rely on one or more vendors’ help in writing specifications. We will  accept all reasonable bids with reasonable exceptions clearly noted, and all bids  will be given consideration.   Bids will be opened on Thursday, February 23, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. MST. Bids  should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Whitefish City Clerk Michelle  Howke, 418 E 2nd Street, Whitefish, Montana 59937. Each envelope shall be   plainly marked: “Bid- WFD Pumper”. Envelopes must also include the bidder’s  company name.   The City of Whitefish reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals, to  waive technicalities or informalities, and to accept any proposal deemed to be in  the best interest of the City of Whitefish Fire Department.   Bids shall include:   - detailed specifications for proposed pumper,  - drawings of proposed pumper,  - total cost for proposed pumper,  - the build schedule for proposed pumper.  No bid shall be valid unless signed.   No bid shall be accepted by FAX or e-mail.   The scope-of-work for the project is available on the City of   Whitefish website, If  you have any questions, please e-mail Fire Chief Joe Page at January 25, February 8, 2023 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 2674 WHITEFISH BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT  NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING  At a meeting of the Whitefish Board of Adjustment on Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 6:00 PM, the Board will hold a public hearing on the item listed below. The Board of Adjustment meets in the Whitefish Council Chambers at City Hall, at 418 E. 2 nd Street Whitefish, Montana.   1. Douglas Rhodes, on behalf of Andrew and Denise Strong, is requesting a variance to the setback requirements for accessory buildings for a proposed garage replacement and expansion. The property is currently developed with a single family home zoned WR-4 (High Density Multi-family Residential District). The property is located at 405 Central Avenue and can be legally described as WFSH, S36, T31 N, R22 W, BLOCK 061, Lot 022, WFSH 22-23-24, Flathead County. Loring (WZV 23- 01)   Documents pertaining to this agenda item are available for review at the Whitefish Planning & Building Department, 418 E. 2 nd Street, Whitefish, Montana 59937 during regular business hours. Inquiries are welcomed. Interested parties are invited to attend the hearing and make known their views and concerns. Comments, in writing, may be forwarded to the Whitefish Planning & Building Department at the above address prior to the hearing or via email: For questions or further information regarding this request, phone 406-863-2410.    WHITEFISH BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT  Mike Kelley, Chair February 8, 2023 MNAXLP __________________________