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Restore our republic

| December 27, 2023 1:00 AM

I am writing to express my support for an Article V Convention of States (COS). With the federal government so obviously out of control, I would like to know why some representatives in the Montana Senate choose to withhold their support for the Article V covention provision of our Constitution?

There are numerous scholars and leaders that used to be against Article V coming out publicly in support of a convention. They have all come to realize that the only constitutionally lawful method to address the current disastrous direction of our republic is for the states to reign in the three out of control branches of the federal government and eliminate all the unconstitutional bureaucratic agencies.

The most recent article supporting COS is an Oct. 27 publication from the Heritage Foundation written by John Malcom VP Institute for Constitutional Government “Reconsidering the Wisdom of an Article V Convention of the States.” In the past Malcom and Heritage have been strongly set against a COS with Malcom even writing an article in 2016 detailing arguments for his opposition. The ability to put a check on excessive federal power and runaway spending along with a 2020 Supreme Court ruling Chiafalo v. Washington that affirrmed state delegates are required to follow state legislative limitations all are significant factors in changing Malcom’s position.

The Montana legislative members took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution. It is high time for them to honor that oath and pass an Article V resolution.  

Contact your Montana legislators and get them engaged to restore our republic and put the feds back to doing their constitutional duties and out of the duties assigned to the states. We see the need; state legislators have the constitutional obligation and the Constitution provides the tool to do the job. Elections are right around the corner, if your legislator isn’t up to the obligation and the task, replace that seat holder with someone who will honor their oath of office, to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. Let them know our Liberties should/must be their highest priority, our liberties and republic are at stake. 

The way I see it, “The house is on fire and they are rearranging the furniture.”

Lynette Band, Lolo

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