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Whitefish man allegedly aimed rifle at job site worker

Hagadone News Network | December 20, 2023 1:00 AM

A Whitefish man accused of aiming a rifle at a worker on a Blanchard Lake Drive job site Dec. 4 has been brought up on a felony assault with a weapon charge.

Charles James How, 35, is expected to appear before Judge Heidi Ulbricht in Flathead County District Court on Dec. 21 for his arraignment. Booked into county jail with bail set at $30,000 following the alleged armed confrontation, How has since been released. 

How allegedly exited a home neighboring the job site, yelling at the worker while removing articles of his clothing. Flipping the worker off and hopping into a Toyota FJ Cruise, How aimed a rifle out of the vehicle’s driver side window, court documents said. He drove off shortly thereafter.

Arriving Flathead County Sheriff’s Office deputies had rendezvoused down the street from the home to develop a plan when they spotted a matching vehicle come to a stop, court documents said. A shirtless man allegedly hopped out. 

When deputies hit their emergency lights and identified themselves, the shirtless man took off on foot toward a home, court documents said. 

Checking the now abandoned vehicle, authorities discovered a large knife and rifle in the front passenger area, according to court documents. 

How later told investigators that he began stripping out of his clothing after spotting a man looking at him, court documents said. He allegedly admitted hefting the rifle, but said he never aimed it at anyone. He was aware, though, that the weapon was loaded, court documents said.