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Students deserve expansion of high school

| August 30, 2023 12:00 AM

Our local population growth has been felt not just in the struggles to find a house or a parking spot, but also in our school district.

Whitefish High School is beyond its capacity. Our students and faculty are overflowing into The Annex, losing valuable educational time commuting to another building. Our daughter loathes the days she must layer up and walk over to classes on cold, blizzardy Montana winter days. The anticipated population growth will only cause further issues and limitations in a school building we have already outgrown. The proposed expansion of sports facilities will build school spirit and pride, when we have our own football and soccer fields, in lieu of the timeworn retractable football stadium and leased, off-campus sports fields.

Our current on-campus track and field complex does not have restrooms on-site, requiring port-a-potty installation or a jaunt to the main campus for a private piddle. Given that the middle school bond has now been completed, the proposed cost of the high school bond has a reduced financial impact.

We urge everyone to support the upcoming bond vote and the future of Whitefish High students with the academic and sports upgrades our students and teachers deserve.

Katy and Joe Krezowski, Whitefish

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