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Whitefish Library Program: Student Addie Nerdig reviews ‘Little Women’

| November 23, 2022 1:00 AM

The Whitefish Community Library’s Fall Into Reading program features book reviews written by local students. Each week throughout the five-week autumn program a winner is picked by library staff to have their book review published in the Whitefish Pilot. Students must be 18 and under and live in the Whitefish area.

In the third week of the program, the featured review is by Addie Nerdig, sixth grade, Whitefish Middle School.

‘Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott; illustrated by Frank T. Merrill

Review by Addie Nerdig

Genre: Historical Fiction; Setting: 1860s Massachusetts. This book takes place during the Civil War.

Main Characters:

Margaret (Meg) March: Meg is a sweet-natured and caring 17-year-old. She longs from pretty things. She wished that she was rich, although she is very happy where she is.

Josephine (Jo) March: She is very brave and daring. She loves to read and is a great writer. She is brave, daring, loyal, realistic, a dreamer, and has a temper. She is willing to speak up for herself and wished that she was a boy. This is an incredible lady.

Beth March: Beth is a sweet, shy, and musical girl. She is also sensitive and quiet at times. She is the “Pet” of the family. She loves to play music and is gifted at it.

Amy March: A spoiled sister. She has a sweet side though and is a kind person. She loves art and is a grown lady in a girl’s body. She often spends time alone to draw or paint.

Marmee: The loving mother of these four sisters. She has a bit of a temper like Jo but cntrols it well. She lets the sisters find out things for themselves and does not interfere. She is a warmhearted, kind and loving mother.

My Favorite Character: My favorite character is Jo. She is a tomboy and enjoys acting, reading, and writing. She makes you believe that anything is possible for women. She was even inspired by the author herself. She is an amazing character with a big imagination. She knows she has a temper but tries not to do things rashly.

Summary: The four sisters’ father is at war and with their mother they are poor. They have enough to get food but not fancy refinery or anything higher classes might have. Even if they are poor these sisters still figure out how to enjoy themselves. Jo with her writing, Beth with her dolls, Amy with her art, and Meg with her care for the others. Join them on this thrilling adventure as they go through childhood to womanhood. They learn kindness, duty, gratitude, and self sacrifice.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading historical fiction and people that are 9 and up. This book gets 5 stars. This is an enjoyable, heartwarming, amazing novel and should be read by many. This book was published in 1868 and is still enjoyed by many.

To read more book reviews, visit the Youth Services tab at whitefishlibrary. org. For more information about Fall Into Reading, call the library at 406-862-9914 or visit whitefishlibrary. org.

This week’s winners of Bookworks gift certificates: Blaine Krause and Aubree Clark.