Saturday, December 03, 2022

Tee to Green: New General Manager selected, winter prep on course

by Terry Nelson
| November 9, 2022 1:00 AM

Tee Times at WLGC

The reality of the tee time issue at Whitefish Lake Golf Club is that too many people want access to a limited number of tee time inventories available daily. With 1850 members vying for roughly 600 available times each day the math doesn’t easily work. That said, the Whitefish Lake Golf Association’s committee formed to examine tee time procedures for 2023 has completed its work and has made some adjustments. The total number of pre-book rounds by guests will be lowered to increase the inventory available for members. The starters at the course will be asked to strongly control twosomes and not allow singles to reserve a tee time. Every two twosomes effectively prevent four more players from obtaining a tee time. Watch my column and emails from the club as we attempt to help clarify how the system works and how to best assure players have equal access to tee times. As I’ve stated in earlier columns our members played on average 74% of all the rounds at our municipal course in 2022.

New GM/Secretary

Longtime member and former board member Neil Huether has been selected to replace me, Terry Nelson, in the role of General Manager/Secretary for Whitefish Lake Golf Club. Neil has proven his passion for Whitefish Lake Golf Club by being a consistent and reliable attendee at board meetings and committee meetings over the past few years. The selection committee was committed to finding someone who desires to continue the long-established culture of WLGC and its mission statement, “To consistently provide our members, guests and the community of Whitefish a positive experience based on integrity, service, value and pride.”

Winter prep completed

Our diligent crew has completed nearly all the work necessary to put the course to bed for the coming winter months. That process included applying products to reduce snow mold that forms after a long sustained period of snow cover on the turf. Of course, we have to blow out the miles of irrigation lines to prevent freezing of the pipes and sprinkler heads. What we did not get completed was picking up all the leaves that were still on the trees before the first major snowstorm, which caused considerable damage to trees throughout both courses.

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