Friday, December 02, 2022

Monica Tranel: A vote for Montanans not a party

| November 2, 2022 1:00 AM

I got introduced to Monica Tranel through CrisMarie Campbell. Both women are U.S. Olympic rowers and what I know about rowers is they are hard workers, committed to team and the boat's success.

I like Monica for Congress because of that commitment to team. Monica invites people to speak candidly and frankly about their concerns, their differences, and their issues. I will vote for Monica because I found her to be sincere and committed to listening to everyone, not just one side or one party, for the success of all Montanans.

I am writing this editorial because I am concerned that people will simply vote for their party without considering Monica Tranel and what she offers us as Montanans.

I encourage you to get curious: meet, investigate and talk to people; those running, and other Montanans. Then decide. I believe you will vote for Monica because it isn’t about parties or big businesses – it’s about people, Montana and talking about our differences to find the best decisions. I believe Monica is the person for Montana and Congress because she wants us to talk, she wants to listen and she's willing to do the hard work to make that matter.

Susan Clarke is the co-founder of Thrive! Inc in Whitefish.

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