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Best Social Media Content - Overheard Whitefish

| May 25, 2022 1:00 AM

The creator of Overheard Whitefish started the funny Instagram account with the intent of sharing humorous experiences from living in Whitefish — and the account has been successful at giving all who follow it a daily laugh.

With over 25,000 followers, the social media account created in January 2021 is growing rapidly. Overheard Whitefish was voted Best Social Media Content in the 2022 Best of Whitefish contest.

The posts are all generated from submissions sent into the account from people all over town. Most of the posts are funny and random, and often at the expense of tourists who didn’t do enough research before visiting Whitefish.

“Just walking around town or working in the service industry, I would get the weirdest questions or hear friends joking about what some tourists had said to them that day. Overheard Whitefish is not to be taken seriously, it’s a fun account that started as a creative outlet,” says the creator who remains anonymous.

The creator says they grew up in Whitefish and is proud to still call this town home. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they have seen an increase in questionable tourist and new resident behavior and Overhead Whitefish hasn’t had a shortage of content.

Overheard Whitefish believes the account was voted as the best social media in Whitefish because it is a community-driven account that connects people through laughter.

“I am very grateful for the Overheard Whitefish community,” says the creator.

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