Monday, May 23, 2022

Senior League, Ladies Day begin for season

by Terry Nelson
| May 11, 2022 1:00 AM

Senior League, Ladies Day begin for season

Irrigation Issues Resolved

Early season issues with the irrigation system at Whitefish Lake Golf Club have been resolved after several leaks were found. A couple of main water lines developed leaks over the winter and required some major work to repair. While the course remains in excellent condition, the greens have been slightly firmer than traditionally this time of year as we’ve had less rain than normal. Thanks to our crew for their knowledge and hard work in making the necessary repairs. We all look forward to some more normal weather as we move further into spring.

Senior League and Ladies Day

Both of these popular weekly events get underway this week at WLGC with the Senior’s first day on Tuesday, May 10th and the Ladies kick off on Wednesday, May 11th. Both groups operate with volunteer leadership and offer players the opportunity to play each week with a variety of other members in an organized game. This year Golf Genius, a computer app, will be used by both groups to help keep track of scores and for the seniors, their tee times. Players can download the free app and use the system to record scores and even enter into the GHIN handicap system. Special thanks go out to the Golf Shop staff for helping arrange for the use of Golf Genius for both events.

More Distance Comes from the Core

To hit longer drives, you should think of turning your core rather than swinging your arms faster. The core generates the speed for your swing. On the back swing turn your hips until you feel the weight on your back foot, right for right handed players. Remember it is a turn, not a sway. On the down swing turn your hips first and then your shoulders. When you finish you should be facing the target to insure that you’ve made a full turn. I always say “turn to you feel it”, and unfortunately that feeling comes sooner as we age. Stretching exercises may be more important than strength to develop that long flowing swing controlled by the core. If you ever want to see how that should look just watch Golf Professional Chris Newton’s swing.