Thursday, December 02, 2021

Past due for a connected bike path

| October 27, 2021 1:00 AM

Does that dead-end of the bike path along the Whitefish River at Veterans Bridge underpass to a steep metal staircase bother you? Have you had to drag your stroller or bike up and down the stairs? Cringed as you watch your kids barreling down the steep section of Miles Avenue to the Highway 93 intersection? Had to dodge cars and trucks to cross the highway to and from Kay Beller Park?

There is a solution! On Nov. 1, the Whitefish Bike Ped Path Committee will present its well-researched solution for a safe, connected, and river-friendly Whitefish River trail to the City Council. While there are challenges and details to work out, we simply cannot afford not to act on the groundwork that was laid 38 years ago to make this public trail possible.

Join us at the Nov. 1 Council meeting to encourage the city to make this connected trail a priority before it’s too late.

Rachel Schmidt is the former Director of the Montana Governor’s Office of Outdoor Recreation and Diane Conradi, is the Founder/CEO of Montana Access Project.