Thursday, December 02, 2021

Greens in great shape even with increased play

| October 27, 2021 12:55 AM

Another Season in the books

2021 was an interesting season at Whitefish Lake Golf Club with rounds played up about 7,000 over 2020 with member rounds up 5,000 and guest rounds up by 2,000. Across the nation, golf has been on the incline the past few years as it becomes an outdoor activity accepted during the Covid pandemic. We also experienced an increase of over 200 Tier One or local members in 2021 as well. Even with the additional play, the course remained in excellent condition throughout the season in spite of the long hot and dry days. Great job green crew!!

We thank all our members and guests for another successful season at Whitefish Lake Golf club and wish everyone a healthy off-season. Remember to continue to stretch regularly and swing a golf club every chance you get to be ready for 2022.

Putting the golf course to bed

A lot goes into getting the golf course ready for winter weather in our climate. It is always best to get all the leaves picked up prior to snow because they are tough to remove in the spring. The turf is subject to winter snow mold so products to protect the grass need to be applied as does some fertilization to make sure the turf emerges strong in the spring. A snow cover is a great thing to insulate the grass from winter hard freezing and ice damage. All of the irrigation systems has to be blown free of water, including over 2000 sprinkler heads over the two courses. All of our outbuildings have to be winterized and equipment cleaned and ready for routine maintenance.

Great distance is a core issue

To hit longer drives, you should think of turning your core rather than focusing on faster hands and arms. The core actually generates the speed you are looking for in your swing. On the backswing, turn your hips until you feel the weight on your back heel, right one if you are right-handed. Remember it is a turn, not a sway. On the down swing turn your hips first and then your shoulders. When you finish the swing you should be facing the target if you’ve made a full swing. I always say turn until you feel the resistance, which as I get older seems to come earlier.

New putting green on South completed

The new practice putting green is finished and looks great thanks to our crew who did all the work. Players will notice the new putting green has less undulation than the North Course green. Next spring we plan to build a gazebo for our starters use during rainy days and to get out of the sun.