Monday, May 23, 2022

Defend our school board

| November 10, 2021 1:00 AM

A group is attacking our community and the Whitefish School Board trustees. You will see them collecting signatures to support the removal of our entire board for doing what is correct to protect our children by following CDC masking guidelines and facts.

It’s time to require all educators, healthcare personnel and all who work with the public to be immunized, including medics and police officers. All students in public schools must be protected, masked and fully immunized, including for COVID when age-available.

We cannot currently take care of the surgical and acute medical needs of all Montanans because of the reckless refusal of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers to protect themselves and the rest of us. All our hospitals are over capacity with unvaccinated patients filling beds, ICUs, and dying. They are burdening our medical staff and emergency services.

The Montana COVID-19 death count passed 2,000 recently. More than a thousand a day are contracting the disease and falling ill. How many more people have to die before truth and fact-based decision-making return to Montana?

The mask-less unimmunized people claim false ideas that their rights supersede the rights of citizens who make safety and health decisions based on fact.

We have the right to sane legislation, healthcare based on science and factual information taught to our children.

The solution is simple. If the extremists do not want their children masked or vaccinated, they cannot attend public schools. Keep them home.

So, what are our lawmakers doing? Nothing to protect us. Remove Republicans from office to save our lives and our democracy. Vote Democrat.

Please do not sign the petition.

Dr. Betty Kuffel, Whitefish