Saturday, April 10, 2021

Bill attempt to insert religious beliefs into laws

| March 24, 2021 1:00 AM

Though I support anyone's right to believe or not believe whatever they want spiritually, HB337 represents an attempt by ultraconservative Christians to insert their religious beliefs (unconstitutionally) into the laws of Montana.

It's supporters do not represent the majority of Montanans, Christians, or citizens of the United States of America.

They assume that only they know God's will, unable to imagine that God gave us brains, support people, and healthcare professionals so that we might come to our own individual decisions based on unique individual circumstances.

Their belief that only they know exactly when a soul enters the body, and that their personal God would not understand and empathize with the difficult choice to terminate a pregnancy is one I do not share.

Even if there is a soul there from the beginning, does it ring true that God would not have any compassion for the people that choose to make these often gut wrenching choices, as if their God would not welcome that soul back into "his" arms?

This is Christian Sharia law – the belief that secular law should be the same as one's holy book.

In reality, neither most Christians or Muslims in America believe this ... regardless of what you might have heard from some ultraconservative Christian ministers, or Bible study people!

This bill is contrary to both our constitutional separation of church and state, and an invasion of our right to private health care decisions guaranteed by Montana's Constitution.

Please Google "send a message to a Montana legislator," and ask your senator to vote no on HB337.

Andy Hudak III, Whitefish