Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Educator leaves behind musical legacy

| June 9, 2021 1:00 AM

So many have left a musical legacy: Mozart, Beethoven, Lennon, Presley, Hendrix… the list goes on and on. These artists have touched millions of lives through their music, creativity, ingenuity and they will continue to influence and inspire many more into the future. Similarly, many have left a legacy through their teachings, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, King, Mandela… again, an endless list. The lessons get shared and passed on from generation to generation.

We recently lost a music educator that touched so many lives and has certainly left a legacy. Betty Lou Wambeke placed thousands of little fingers on the ivory keys. She shared the gift of music throughout her life with her family and to her students. Betty Lou co-founded North Valley Music School and created a space for any age, any ability, any student that desires it, the gift of music education. Her legacy lives on through the children that have grown into adults and continue to play, through her daughter, Jenny Wickland, and her granddaughter, Rachel Wambeke, both teachers at NVMS, who continue to pass on the gift of music to future generations.

You can keep Betty Lou’s legacy alive. Take a music lesson, a class, a summer camp…NVMS offers them for all ages! Attend a recital, a workshop, or a concert. Buy an NVMS gift certificate and share the gift of music with the loved ones in your life. Donate to support the NVMS scholarship program so that no student will be left untuned. Or give a gift to the NVMS endowment fund to sustain Betty Lou’s legacy, the North Valley Music School, for generations to come. More info can be found at Thank you Betty Lou, you will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. We will honor your legacy.

Deidre Corson is the Executive Director of North Valley Music School.