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Looking Back for Feb. 3

Whitefish Pilot | February 3, 2021 1:00 AM

A look back at past Whitefish Pilot articles by Whitney England.

10 years ago

Feb. 2, 2011

Attorneys for Whitefish and Flathead County were in agreement that the city’s lawsuit against the county over the two-mile planning and zoning “doughnut” area was over and done. However intervenors, who were all city residents, claimed the city didn’t represent their best interests. This was over a lawsuit filed by the city suing the county after commissioners voted to withdraw from the 2005 interlocal agreement that created the doughnut area.

20 years ago

Feb. 1, 2001

The Winter Carnival Treasure Hunt winner had believed the film canister he found was trash. He picked it up while waiting for the SNOW bus outside of the O’Shaughnessy Center and put it in his coat pocket not realizing what it was. He later found out what it really meant.

30 years ago

Feb. 7, 1991

A proposal for an 18-hole golf resort near the intersection of Big Mountain Road and East Lakeshore was predicted to be a topic of discussion when the City-County board met later in the month. The resort being proposed was called Kinnikinnik and was designed to be a resort neighborhood incorporating a golf course.

40 years ago

Feb. 5, 1981

The Bulldog wrestling had just competed in divisionals and had six grapplers place, also qualifying for state. This was two more than the previous year. Wrestler Warren Tarr was undefeated that year and had just placed first in the 134-pound weight class in the divisional tournament.

50 years ago

Feb. 4, 1971

A special crushing machine that disposes of old automobile bodies was about to come to Whitefish. The city was asked for the use of some of its equipment to transport the old car bodies to the machine.