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Looking Back for Sept. 30

| September 30, 2020 1:00 AM

10 years ago

Sept. 23, 2010

More than 50 people crowded into a room at the Whitefish library to hear city and county representatives hammer out an agreement to replace the document that established the city’s planning and zoning authority in the two-mile area outside the city known as the doughnut area.

20 years ago

Sept. 21, 2000

Moose had been turned loose in Whitefish. The 15 Moose on the Loose statues that drew hundreds of moose fanatics to Whitefish during the summer were auctioned off raising a total of $150,500 to raise money for three nonprofits.

30 years ago

Sept. 20, 1990

Construction jobs totaling $2.5 million were scheduled to begin within the next few weeks in Whitefish, according to the city building department. Work on the first phase of the Whitefish Lake Lodge on Wisconsin Ave was part of that, totaling about $1.2 million.

40 years ago

Sept. 25, 1980

The largest “non-typical” mule deer ever taken with a boy was measured in Whitefish. A Rexford man brought the head into Whitefish and it was measured eclipsing the world record by 27 inches.

50 years ago

Sept. 24, 1970

Objections were heard from a group of Central Avenue business owners concerning the narrowing of sidewalks in the business district. The group objected to the cutting back of sidewalks in that it would be expensive for the property owners and that all canopy posts would have to be moved, along with parking meters.

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